Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinner Question - Up a Notch

So, how do you create more interesting dinner conversation?

Ask dinner questions.

How do you take it up a notch from that?

Add more kids. Their answers are always the most fun anyway!

On Friday, when our house was all but overrun by boys, we paused between bites of pizza and asked a dinner question.

What is one thing you want to try, but haven't yet?

Braden - Ice Skating

Grant - Fly a fighter jet

Chance - Skydiving

Ross - Throw a boomerang. In Australia.

Brad - Kiss a girl
  • You mean you haven't?
  • What were you doing behind the school the other day, then?
  • How do you know what goes on behind the school, Chance???

Jace - Fly an airplane

Eric - Jump off the Eiffel Tower

  • Like bungee jump?
  • Nope, just jump.
  • You gonna have a parachute?
  • Nope.
  • Just gonna splat?
  • Well, maybe I'll try and land on a trampoline or something.

Colton - Join the army

We had a fun group of kids, and a fun time! They were all good sports, not minding indulging us in our dinner tradition. Gotta admit "kiss a girl" from Chance's best friend has this mama a little worried. I'm not ready for this!!!

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