Saturday, February 19, 2011

District Champs!

This fantastic group of girls is part of the reason I've had such trouble finding time to blog lately!

The season has gone really well. The girls are 20-3 at the end of this title game.

As I did a quick memory search, I believe the last time I cut down a District Championship net was almost exactly 20 years ago. Within a week or so, anyway!

What great memories these girls are making.

They have worked hard, fought hard, and played hard. It has been a pleasure being one of their coaches.

Chance was also involved in basketball fever, as one of the managers of the boys' team.

Colton was a good sport, and found other interesting ways to pass the time!

While it was a great season, I'm glad to have a couple weeks "off" before baseball starts. Getting home right after work seems like a lifetime in the evenings, compared to the last three months.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a MAJOR award!

So, my parents gave us an early Valentine's present . . .

They came to watch our basketball game on Friday, then took the boys home with them. Matt and I were able to sleep in, drink a leisurely cup (or two) of coffee, and lounge around sans cartoons or video games for most of the morning. We both needed a lazy, relaxing morning.

Thanks, mom & dad!

Then, last night, there was an awards banquet for Matt's work. I skipped the basketball game, since Matt was up for some high honors, voted on by his peers.

And he won!


Nope, not a leg lamp. We already have one of those ;)

I'm so proud of you, sweetie! You are such a hard worker, and to be recognized by those you work alongside every day is a special honor.

Way to go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decorators Extraordinaire

Or, decorators anonymous.

Or, we love Hobby Lobby.

And trips to Tri-cities.

At any rate - remember this chaos?

It turned into this!

Despite the nay-sayers (why do those always seem to just come out of the 'woodwork'?), we love it. And, I think we'll be MUCH more productive. And MUCH less cranky. Right, Darla? ;)