Friday, January 28, 2011

We're at it again

The fantastic adventures of D & H.

This time it's the office.

At the start of the week, it looked something like this.

Then, we decided some change was in order. We wanted to rearrange the furniture.

Unfortunately (for some) the furniture moving revealed some huge discrepancies in paint color - apparently the guys decided it would be too much work to move the file cabinets last time they painted in here . . .

So, a trip to Lowe's ensued. This was the cruddy iPhone photo which Magical Kelly had to use to figure out a paint color, chair rail, and base molding. She's a genius.

The next day, the guys kicked us out to go find the "girly, decoration stuff" that would go on the walls, and they commenced to painting.

We headed to the big town for Hobby Lobby, Bed/Bath/Beyond, and some lunch at Olive Garden.

We're getting closer!

Stay tuned Monday for the finished product.

I'm certain we'll get a lot more work done in this most pleasing new environment :)

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Anonymous said...

You've fallen to #4 on Google. Probably from lack of updates