Sunday, January 16, 2011

In review

  • Dentist appointments. I am officially the winner of the gum checkup - so Matt owes me dinner! The dental hygienists at our dentist's office usually enjoy Matt and my checkups. We are pretty competitive, and like to give each other a hard time about x-rays, gum checks, cavities, etc. At one point during my checkup, with Matt in the room right beside, we both get really quiet so we can hear what they are saying in the other room. We thought we might have heard a couple 4's in the gum checkup, and we were positive we heard something like "some areas that need a little more attention". Of course, Jen helped me jump Matt on the way out the door, and assured me that Matt's "Plus 1's" were not a good thing! Thanks, Jen - I got a good dinner out of him!
  • Middle School Basketball Awards. Mr. Bickel did an excellent job of recapping the season, and of giving each young man some encouragement as they got their participation medals. Here's what I wrote on Facebook, and can't think of a better way to say it here - "Excellent Jr. High Basketball banquet with Mr. Bickel last night. He had great things to say about each athlete. Chance's word for the night - RESPECTFUL. Toward coach, toward refs, toward teachers, toward other players. I could not have been more proud. He will get many athletic accolades in his lifetime - and I would gladly trade them all to know he is a young man on the right path."
  • Our girls' basketball team wins, advancing to 10-2 on the season. They are playing so well - it has been a great experience so far. Each practice I am reminded of two things - how much I love the game of basketball, and exactly how long it's been since I played it well. It's all good, though!
  • We are toying with remodeling the bathroom. It's possible you think I'm crazy. I'm thinking, our marriage survived building a house in the first year, moving to a century-old house that would need constant repair in the third year, numerous concrete pours, floor heat in one of them, painting which included an extension ladder (twice), self-installation of a laminate floor, and more painting projects than I can count - I don't think a simple, little bathroom remodel is too much for it. Right?
  • Matt and I had a much-needed date night on Saturday. Dinner out at Michael's (my fav), and a movie - True Grit. Pretty good, for a Western! I think the people in the audience who had seen the first one enjoyed it more than I did. It was also likely that the guy in the seat next to me who ADORES movie line trivia (that would be Matt) enjoyed it a bit more than I did as well. We've been enjoying line after line (after line) all weekend. The boys love it. They've joined in as well, even though they weren't at the movie.
  • Mom & Dad surprised us with a visit on Sunday. Unfortunately, they didn't find what they were looking for at Lowe's. Fortunately, we had a good visit to make up for it. They swiped the boys for the night, since they don't have school tomorrow, so Matt and I are enjoying a quiet evening at home. Very large laundry pile, here I come!
  • All-in-all, a good week! I'll keep you posted on the bathroom - shoot me some ideas if you've got the perfect layout/storage/decorating idea. I could sure use them!

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