Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

We had a fun day today, celebrating with Matt.

We started celebrating in Yakima last night, after the basketball games, with dinner at Outback with Verna and Dennis. Matt left there with two of his very favorite pies, and a very full tummy!

In the morning, Matt's first present awaited him on the kitchen counter - a Keurig coffee maker. Yuppie coffee. YUMMY coffee!

That got us headed off to church on the right foot.

Chance spent the afternoon creating Matt's favorite pie for his "birthday cake". Pecan. Matt says Grandma D better look out - Chance made a good one! Even kicked it up a notch with some chocolate chips!

Yes, that is a Popsicle stick instead of a birthday candle. We are hillbillies.

Here's the boys, testing out Matt's spotting scope.

Quote of the day, from Chance, as he overheard Verna's phone call to tell Matt 'Happy Birthday' - "So, dad is 39 and his mom still remembers the exact minute he was born. I'm only 11, and you can barely remember what time of day it was? What kind of mom are you????"
Happy birthday, honey!

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