Monday, November 1, 2010

Daylight Savings Ending Quickly

And I'm gonna need that extra hour!

We've been running to and fro, and everywhere in between. And some fun stuff has been going on, that I don't want to miss capturing!

  • October 17 - Matt heads to Kansas City to a big-name national conference for his work.

  • October 18 - First annual Wilbur Ellis Pumpkin Patch and Chili Feed. Thanks, Darla!

  • October 19 - Chance' first orthodontist appointment, and another 12-month stay of execution for my budget!

  • October 21 - Grandmother comes to stay with Colton while . . .

  • October 22 - Chance and I head to Pullman for our final Art Show of the year

  • October 25 - Middle School basketball begins

  • A BUSY week with month-end close, board meetings, and field trips. Topped off by . . .

  • A much welcome final camping trip at the Cabin.

This week is a bit more laid back, but I will sure make good use of my extra hour this weekend!

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