Thursday, October 14, 2010

Election Blues

Oh, I cannot wait for November 2nd.

I have said it before, and think it becomes more true with each election. Our election process, and therefore our country, has become one that USUALLY the most qualified candidates are too intelligent to put their families through an election. So, we primarily get the glory seeking, money-backed, less qualified individuals at every level.

And it gets ugly.

Our local paper's letters to the editor today made me sick.

We have one race in which some feel health is an issue. With every letter to the editor I've ever written, especially if against someone else, I wonder how their kids will feel if they ever read it. Clearly, there are many out there who care not.

There are a couple races in which, if you believe popular opinion, religious affiliation matters more than qualification. Few are "brave" enough to broach the subject in the letters to the editor, but some have, and I wince. My opinion of popular opinion isn't very high.

I guess I place more faith in America than this. Intelligent voters deserve an honest and respectful discourse. They do not get it.

Intelligent voters deserve facts without spin. Unfortunately, few are thorough enough to dig around and find out the facts for themselves. So they believe the spin.

I have, too, on occasion. And I am disappointed to look back and recall my stewardship of the great freedom we are granted here.

Come quickly, November 2nd. I'm losing faith.

  • VOTE.
  • With intelligence, please.
  • VOTE.
  • Not the way I would.
  • The way YOU would.
  • Just.
  • VOTE.


Susan said...

Thanks Heather. This is a great, thoughtful post.

The Jones Family said...

Judd and I were just saying today that we can't wait until this election is over. It's just awful, on both sides. I want candidates to tell me why I should vote for them, not why I shouldn't vote for the other guy.

And I, too, believe that voting is critical. I don't care who you vote for, JUST VOTE!

Very thoughtful, Heather. :)