Thursday, October 14, 2010

Election Blues

Oh, I cannot wait for November 2nd.

I have said it before, and think it becomes more true with each election. Our election process, and therefore our country, has become one that USUALLY the most qualified candidates are too intelligent to put their families through an election. So, we primarily get the glory seeking, money-backed, less qualified individuals at every level.

And it gets ugly.

Our local paper's letters to the editor today made me sick.

We have one race in which some feel health is an issue. With every letter to the editor I've ever written, especially if against someone else, I wonder how their kids will feel if they ever read it. Clearly, there are many out there who care not.

There are a couple races in which, if you believe popular opinion, religious affiliation matters more than qualification. Few are "brave" enough to broach the subject in the letters to the editor, but some have, and I wince. My opinion of popular opinion isn't very high.

I guess I place more faith in America than this. Intelligent voters deserve an honest and respectful discourse. They do not get it.

Intelligent voters deserve facts without spin. Unfortunately, few are thorough enough to dig around and find out the facts for themselves. So they believe the spin.

I have, too, on occasion. And I am disappointed to look back and recall my stewardship of the great freedom we are granted here.

Come quickly, November 2nd. I'm losing faith.

  • VOTE.
  • With intelligence, please.
  • VOTE.
  • Not the way I would.
  • The way YOU would.
  • Just.
  • VOTE.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - First Grade

Colton was so concerned that the flowers were almost as tall as the White House!

I can't believe I ever got poor handwriting grades - this is fantastic! Way better than what it is today :)

I should have pulled this book out in college - I think my first Physics test covered most of this stuff!

Thank you, Mrs. Kendrick!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a week!

  1. Football is done.
  2. Basketball (Jr. High) is on the horizon.
  3. Karate continues.
  4. I am coaching basketball this year. Woo Hoo!! YIKES!!!!
  5. I went through a box of stuff and memories, looking for my old basketball playbooks and motivational stuff. WOW! Found both of my high school playbooks. No luck on the College one. Also found a "volume" of poems I wrote in college. Your early twenties are such an emotional time. And very dramatic. And apparently also pretty cheesy.
  6. I also found my first grade notebook. I thought I was much more advanced than what Colton's class did last year - Matt thought it was way behind. I guess we'll settle in the middle and assume he's getting an education worth paying for.
  7. Dinner at home most nights the past couple weeks = NICE.
  8. The dishes involved in that? Not so nice.
  9. On the bright side? I'm caught up on the folding. Miraculous, indeed :)
  10. Wilbur Ellis/Warden High homecoming night kickoff to our food drive - FANTASTIC! 600 pounds of food to start us off. Food drive runs until first week of December. Last year = 15,000 pounds in the Upper Basin. Hope we beat that . . .
  11. Trying hard to retain the difference between a Shuv-It and a Pop-Shuv-It. Not to mention an Ollie, 50/50 Grind, Ollie 180, and various others that have his toes peaking through his new shoes already. It all looks like skateboard trick mumbo jumbo to me, but Chance and Colton are getting tired of explaining.
  12. Both of my boys asked for haircuts this week. I think we've reached a new level in personal hygiene.
  13. Hosting Thanksgiving for my family - trying to decide how much is a reasonable budget to spend on a cleaning service the week before. The number increases daily. I can't even keep up with the dishes.
  14. Ready to be done with Election 2010. I'm not a politician. Friends with one side and supporters AND friends with the other side is so uncomfortable! Without saying a word, just sitting in a certain section of the audience during a debate says - "although you are my friend, I really don't think you are qualified to do this job." Hard to do. Ugh. Politics have become so divisive at all levels, there is very little respectful discourse anymore. You must love the guy you're voting for and hate the other. It's just not me.
  15. Chance is becoming a pretty frugal money manager. Finally spent his gift cards from his birthday (in August). Decided against a new cell phone (doesn't use it enough [yet]), and an iPod (content to borrow mom's), and has a decent amount of minutes left on the old cell phone (for now). So, a new skateboard got the nod. Internet research, and more internet research, and more internet research, finding out more than I ever knew was possible about decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, grip tape, etc., etc., etc. I'm proud of him!
  16. On the other hand, all of my free time is spent reading books on handling "TWEEN" attitudes. I've actually come across some very helpful suggestions, but I'm leaning toward Darla's method for our next battle - take away everything but bed and clothing. Everything else is privileges to be earned.
  17. Colton continues to amaze me. He is doing so well in school - the vocabulary that surfaces occasionally is well beyond his years. But, really, he could care less - about homework, school work, reading, etc. Hoping something peaks his interest enough to capture his focus. Look out world when it does!
  18. We had a field trip of Chance and Colton's classes to our house to see the bee hives and extract honey. I gotta say - based on the incessant questions alone - we don't pay 1st and 2nd grade teachers enough. In addition, based upon the tween attitude mentioned above, we also don't pay 6th grade teachers near enough. Thank the Lord for the heart of a teacher. Truly an amazing gift.
  19. Random Napoleon Dynamite quotes are starting to hit me at unsuspecting times. The boys are certainly rubbing off on me. "I don't understand a word that just came out of your mouth!"
  20. The boys are working on the old Dodge. It'll be a pretty sweet ole truck when it's all said and done. Both boys have lots of "credit hours" on the books - 1 hour working on the truck = 1 hour driving the truck. We'll see how the books look once they turn 16 . . .

That's about it for me. What's on your list lately?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 . . .9 . . .8 . . .7 . . .6

Circle Journal Spoiler Alert!

Sandy's Top 10!

This is totally off the cuff. I think I've answered these differently before, but this is where I was at this week.

My house is on FIRE! What do you grab?
1. Matt & Kids
2. Jake
3. Scrapbooks
4. Ancestor Quilt
5. Laptop
6. Purse
7. Recipes
8. Framed pictures
9. Photos
10. Books

How ‘bout dinner & conversation (past, present, or future)?
1. My husband – I never get enough of this!
2. Esther – I’m dying to know more about “such a time as this”.
3. Jesus – It would be the most challenging conversation of my life, but the best!
4. CS Lewis – To just pick that brain for an hour . . .
5. The Circle Journal Crew – ‘nuff said
6. Martha and Mary – gonna have to be together – I’ve got questions for them both!
7. Darla, minus kids, plus drinks – neither one of us is able to accomplish that very easily.
8. The Mayflower passengers
9. My boys – when they’re adults

Yikes! I’m packing, but I don’t know where I’m going!
1. Jeans & boots
2. Short-sleeve shirt
3. Sweatshirt
4. Undergarments
5. Swimsuit
6. Camera
7. Cash
8. Shades

All the colors of the Rainbow - My favorite of each

Where in the US would you like to travel?
1. Glacier
2. Yellowstone
3. San Antonio
4. Zion Nat’l Park
5. Alaska
6. Boston in the fall

5 Senses - My favorite of each

Scrapbook much? - most used tools
1. Clip-o-Matic
2. Laptop
3. Silhouette
4. Organized(ish) Room

I am . . .
1. Loyal
2. Determined
3. Saved

Pics! Two of my favorite in the last two months.

Never leave home without it
1. Cell Phone

Monday, October 4, 2010

Colton's Dinner Question

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Matt - Make it so no kids can get hurt.

Chance - Get rid of all the bullies.

Mommy - Homes for all the orphans.

Colton - Create quicker transportation.
I was proud of my boys! No wishes for more candy or tons of money. Both had well-thought answers. Maybe the Messer boys will change the world for the better someday . . .