Friday, September 24, 2010

Sound Bites

It seems like when we get busy, our life becomes a series of sound bites. Often little thought goes into what comes out of our mouths, which can be both good and bad, and it's the small sound bites while running to-and-fro that stick.

My prayer life takes on a sound bite type frequency, as well. It's the same - both good and bad. The good thing is that I am probably more in tune with God all day, little by little. The bad thing is that I know my day/week/month will suffer when I don't allow God a good chunk of my morning before my busy day gets started.

We've had lots of memorable sound bites around here lately. They stick in my head. Repeat themselves when I need a pick me up. Some of them repeat themselves just to annoy me.

Chance - Dad, you just sound like a dork when you say that! "dank" is NOT the same things as "jank". You don't even know what "jank" means! (He's right, we don't! We just finally caught on to the fact that "sic" is NOT a bad thing - it's a good thing! Go figure.)

A messenger from the Lord - Your ox has been stuck in the mud for weeks now! If you ask me, it's God's opinion that He gave you enough intelligence to figure it out and buy a smarter ox. (We RESTED the next Sunday :) Mostly, anyway.)

Colton - to the Dr. who is putting 3 stitches in the back of his head - At least now I know what the worst day of my life is! (She stopped stitching for a moment and giggled. Actually, she had to muffle giggles throughout the entire process, as Colton was spouting off left and right, but was hurting and being VERY serious - not trying to be funny!)

Chance - I don't want to go to your (Matt's) barber - it smells like old people there!

Jillian - I know it's hard. I know you want to quit. Waaa, waaaa, waaaa. Do you want to be skinny, or not?

Colton - molten rock underneath the center of the earth is magma. (He's been listening in while we study for Chance's science tests, apparently!)

Viktor Frankl (Nazi Concentration Camp Survivor, via Focus on the Family) - The man who has a "why" can live through almost any "how".

Beth Moore - Has God placed you in a position that seems to stir up every insecurity you have? Take it personally! He's stirring it up to scoop it out. He was crucified in weakness, but he lives by God's power. For we also are weak in Him, yet toward you we will live with Him by God's power. 2 Cor 13:4

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