Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation via Facebook

Heather Messer Day 1 vacation accomplishments: made it to our first destination, and Matt uses 5 hours in the truck and dictator-like control of the iPod to convince the boys that the Beastie Boys are still the pinnacle of good music.
August 13 at 5:29pm

Heather Messer Day 2 vacation accomplishment - Colton - "Daddy, if Bigfoot really lives in the Ape Caves like you said, I'm gonna need to buy something sharp like a sword at Wal Mart so I can chop off some if his fur to prove that I saw him."
August 14 at 10:52am

Heather Messer Ape Caves - check. Lava Canyon suspension bridge - check (barely). Daily trip to Wal Mart - check. Life is good. So is vacation.
August 15 at 9:03am

Heather Messer Johnston Ridge - fantastic. Coldwater Lake - beautiful. Helicopter ride - too expensive. 3/4 mile hike downhill to "Valley Overlook" to look for elk - doable. 3/4 mile back uphill after finding a dead end and no such overlook - CRANKY! Night at the Museum in the theater room of the 5 - perfect end to a great day.
August 16 at 9:36am

Heather Messer Crab pots - successful. Donut shop - exquisite breakfast. Kites, sand castles, and shell hunting - oh, my! Limited cell coverage - welcome. Life on vacation - still good.
August 18 at 10:42am

Heather Messer Back to reality . . .
Sunday at 10:00pm

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