Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've had my toes in the water . . .

Because Facebook is so much quicker to update, and doesn't require much thought, my friends over there have had a bit more info about our goings-on the last month or so.

That doesn't help my blog-stalkers, though, does it? It also doesn't help with the end of the year journal - as missing a month isn't really ideal for cataloging our everyday life.

But, because Facebook is so easy, I'm going to cheat and use it to catch you up.

Here's what's been going on:

Heather Messer Missin' my guy on Father's Day - thanks for being a father and husband beyond anything I could have hoped for! Love you, babe :)
June 20 at 4:23pm
  • Matt and I were split up for the second weekend in a row - one of us at a baseball tournament, one of us at an art show.
  • The one who was lucky enough to be watching baseball was constantly trying to keep the other one up to speed via text message. What a frustrating way to "watch" a baseball game!

Heather Messer ‎"Two percent of our population provides the rest of us with all the food we need, and we behave as though it’s our birthright." -Mike Rowe

June 23 at 11:

Heather Messer Gearing up for another baseball tourney this weekend - and somehow trying to fit in some time to work on the deck - we've got lots of bare foot kiddos coming for the 4th.
June 23 at 10:01pm

Heather Messer One 20-pound box of Klicker Straweberries later, and the weekend just got busier! Anyone have a great recipe for freezer jam/pie filling/etc?
June 24 at 2:51pm

  • We opted for freezing about 1/3, and strawberry jam and strawberry/rhubarb jam out of the rest. Yum!

Heather Messer Thinking of my friend Tom, and praying for him and his family. Hang in there, Tom. We love you, and are fighting right along side you!
July 2 at 8:35am

Heather Messer What a fantastic weekend - thanks, friends!
July 5 at 3:26pm

Heather Messer The faint echoes of the Kelly Hughes band drift our way, as we bask in the radiant heat stored by the asphalt on which our RV sits, under the glow of the carnival's Gravitron. I am living in a romance novel. Good thing Prince Charming is right here beside me. July 10
  • Ahhhh, the joys of parking lot camping at the art shows. The carnie circuit is like no other . . .
  • At least Matt and I were in the same town for this one!

Heather Messer Oh my goodness, she's hot and she can wail! Mom, come check this out (as he rewinds Americas Got Talent). A blonde babe in a tight outfit? Nope. A 13-year-old cutie with braces and a headband. Am I really at this phase? Really?
July 12 at 8:58pm via Facebook for iPhone

Heather Messer Fun, fun weekend watching the 11 year old all stars. They are playing GREAT! So proud of all of them. Now, having some family adventure in Ephrata. Ballfield camping, movie, pizza, and festivities. Life is good.
Friday at 9:04pm via Facebook for iPhone

Heather Messer Day 3, here we go. Boys are playing some good baseball. Lots of ESPN Web Gems goin on. Good luck, Moses Lake!
Yesterday at 10:26am via Facebook for iPhone

Heather Messer A bit sad that it's all done . . . What a fun all-star season. Good friendships made. Lessons learned. Character built. Fun created. Lifetime memories. Thanks to all who made it happen!
23 hours ago

Life is good today.


Sam Sebtmert said...

Thank you for all you did to make the last few months come off perfectly! You are a great mother and deserve a weekend off. Justs as soon as it slows down a bit!

joven said...
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