Sunday, June 6, 2010

These are the moments

Judd, Dad, Heather

My Grandma Grace was in the area this week from Arizona, so we headed to my parent's house on Saturday to visit.



The kids all got along great, and had fun entertaining the little ones.
Chance loves hangin' out with Angus

Emma is always ready to help with the baby!

It was a fantastic day.
A couple 4-generation photos with Dad & Grandma

My Uncle Bill was feeling well enough to come and visit for awhile - an unexpected surprise.
Grandma, Uncle Bill, and the cousins: Katie, Judd, Heather, Heidi, Theresa

Grandma Grace and her kids: Bill, Marcia, Dale, Chuck (missing Cheryl)

My Grandma looked great, and spent her time surrounded by one of her many great-grand kids.

Grandma Grace and 1/3 of her Great Grand kids:

Emma, Holden, Gracie, Angus, Chance, Laura, Colton

Thanks, mom! As always, your house was a welcome haven for many great memories.

Judd & Angus - exhausted

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