Sunday, May 16, 2010

This week we've been


(Don't judge the "before" pics, they are simply there to make the "after" pics look that much better!)

Yard Selling

(Yep, that's duct tape)

Turning 7

Turning a little more than 7

Mother's Day dinnering at Michael's

Boys' Camping

Field Tripping (Colt's class to the wind farm)

Summer clothes switching

Church nursery watching

Outdoor school packing

Flower melting

Money earning

iPhone art making

(Nice pic, Chance. Now put the camera down and cheer for your brother!)

Family togethering

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Miller Family said...

Hope the yard sale went well. I recognize the little red, yellow, blue bike. Colin still has his and Emerson now rides it. You will love the mattress pad. It made our horrible bed wonderful again. Hopefully you are able to breath sometimes. Have a great week!