Friday, April 16, 2010

Open House

We had open house at the boys' school last night. It was tons of fun to wander through the classrooms, see the kid's projects and art, and hear all the good things going on in the school.

I'm so glad we are able to put our kids in this school. It doesn't come without sacrifice - both time and $$ - but I see the benefits of it almost daily.

Colton's "fossil".
He fossilized toy soldiers. Jane, I'm gonna need the number to the Air Force Academy.
Blogger thinks it's smarter than me regarding the orientation of this picture. I know it's upside down. I can't fix it. The point is, I raced Chance in division tables, and he beat me by 2 seconds. He'd also like to point out that he reduced his fractions and I did not, so really he beat me by a lot more than that. Bragger.

Poster highlighting the Potato Gleaning that the kids did for the food bank. There's a really cute kid on the bottom left . . .

Our award winning choir sang. I LOVE hearing them perform - it's a blessing every time.

At the door leaving Chance's classroom.

Chance immediately showed us which circle was his (these are made of embroidery thread) because of the knot that was in it where he made a small mistake. I don't know where his perfectionist tendencies come from??

Chance and Ross created this masterpiece after their study of Candyland and Willy Wonka.

An overview of what's been happening in the 5th grade classroom.

A unique approach to homework, assignments, and rewards.

Chance and Ross's camo creation

Colton's class displaying different forms of art

Colt's "almost butterfly"
My favorite part of this display are the "extra" caterpillars stashed behind, so as to ensure no emotionally precarious 1st grader comes in one morning to find his butterfly experiment dead and gone. That's one smart teacher, right there :)

Colton's springtime story

Thanks, MLCA teachers and staff. What a fantastic evening. You are doing such a great job with my boys!

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