Monday, April 26, 2010

Fine dining at its funnest

We headed over to the "West Side" this weekend for a fun-filled weekend of garden art, cousins, quilts, carnivals, tie-dye, trampolines, grandparents, and birthday celebrating.

It was totally a hit or miss weekend.

Missing the tulip part of the Tulip Festival - obvious MISS :(

Cousins, quilts, carnival, tie-dye, trampoline - HIT!

Garden art show - MISS :(

Grandparents and celebrating Papa Chuck's birthday - HIT!

$44 lunch (for two) at a snooty burger joint - MISS :(

Dinner at Sakura on our way home - HIT OUT OF THE BALLPARK!

Things we loved about Sakura:

  1. Chance and Colton both found out they like Japanese soup

  2. I think mostly because they found the acceptable custom of slurping the funnest thing ever.

  3. The sushi was yummy

  4. We had our own personal chef

  5. He was talented - magic tricks, egg tossing, utensil spinning, and really good food

  6. There was a bit of an incident with a cracked egg on top of his chef's hat, but he handled it so gracefully!

  7. He was especially adept at running the 'Japanese Fire Hydrant'

  8. Chance and Colton both liked the fried rice.

  9. The teriyaki chicken was a hit - but not immediately . . .

  10. Colt could have cried when he watched the chef put teriyaki sauce on every one's chicken - he isn't a sauce kind of kid - no ketchup, mustard, bbq, etc. - he is a hot dog on a dry bun kind of kid

  11. Once he tried it, he ate a whole plate of it

  12. Everyone ate some vegetables

  13. We all left STUFFED, with enough leftovers to feed us today.

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