Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

It's been a great weekend. We've accomplished both a lot and a little. Some areas needed a big push - other areas needed significant rest.

Chance went to a birthday party.

I got the present to him in the nick of time at school on Friday afternoon.

He stayed up until 2:30 watching movies and gabbing - I thought only girls did that?

Colt and I coupon shopped.

3 stores.

Over $100 saved.

More than $100 spent, but I'm blaming that primarily on toothbrush heads for the Sonicare. I'm pretty sure they are both diamond-encrusted and gold-plated.

Colton clothes change-out. New size. Summer stuff. Outgrown shoes. Worn out shoes that served as a scooter break one too many times. Overflowing dresser.

Now, organized dresser. Drawers close. Everything fits. Not everything has been worn by Chance (a rarity in this kid's life), and 3 pairs of shoes that fit right now. Bonus.

Forced reduction of Chance t-shirts.

A concerted effort not to re-sort because he didn't pick the ones I would have.

3 bags of clothes labelled and downstairs to wait for Colt to grow.

2 bags of giveaways. We are definitely to the point where our giveaways might as well be the costume trunk for a troupe of vagabond kids - by the time they get through these two boys, they are WELL used.

A trip to Spokane for bees, lunch, and some Gonzaga baseball.

Re-do the business web-site and Paypal site.

Movie night.

Sleep in - late church.

Church in the gym again - sanctuary being remodeled.

Fantastic message - this series has been a blessing each and every week.

Visit to the ballpark to test out a pitching machine on loan from some friends.

Late lunch at home and a lazy afternoon.

Batteries officially recharged and ready for another busy week.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Your energy and productivity never ceases to amaze me.