Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - On Thursday - Guest Post

AKA - Unapologetic self-promotion. I guess it's not exactly self-promotion, since I didn't write it, but it kind of is, since I'm still posting it.

Here's a glimpse into the other side of the blog world - our readers. Blog on, my friends, you are changing someone's world one post at a time!

Why Blog?
Verna Wisner

The first time I heard the word BLOG was a news story when a writer of one was referred to as a BLOGGER.

I went about my business, not questioning what a Blog is or why/how someone would write one. Is that a job I hadn’t heard about up until then? I can’t say why, other than the fact that I spend all day on a computer and when I get home I prefer to stay away from the source of most of my daily tribulations.

Add that to the fact that what I know about computers is just enough to get my job done,
send and receive emails, and look for always more neat scrapbook articles on my noon hours. Pretty much a love/hate relationship with emphasis on the hate part.

Then Heather announced she was going to join the world of blogging.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I’d better learn what this about so I don’t sound completely ignorant when I talk to her next time.”

Who signed her up to join?

Does she have to leave home to do it?

How is she going to find the time to do it?

Did she have to take a class?

Does it cost anything?

What is she going to Blog about?

What? When? Did? Will? How’s that again?

All these questions…. “Just wait and see,” my mind said, “maybe it will be self-explanatory and you won’t have to ask her any dumb questions.”

She didn’t let me down! And the last three or so years of her blogs have been an almost daily source of joy, laughter, a few tears, envy (on my part), love, concern, pride and amazement that I never dreamed possible.

I’ve always regretted that Matt and his family don’t live in Yakima (or I in Moses Lake). I grew up with one set of grandparents just across the road from us, and the other set 8 miles away in town. We saw them on an almost daily basis and they were an integral part of our lives. I couldn’t imagine life without them and felt so bad for schoolmates who only saw theirs once a year or so. I promised myself that wherever they lived, I would find a way to make sure that my grandchildren would never have to spend a day getting to re-know me each time one of us made a from-out-of-town visit. Of course, I never thought that would really happen – it just couldn’t.

But it did. While I’m not fond of it, I’m OK with it. God has them right where He wants them and that’s all I need to know. And I love that. They have jobs He provided for them, a beautiful home to which He led them, a fantastic church, an amazing school for my grandsons. Ah, my grandsons – the loves of my life – thank You Lord for Chance and Colton.
Which brings me back to Heather’s Blog. If I had my way, I would be on the phone every evening with my Moses Lake family to talk about what they did during the day, the things every mother/grandmother likes to know. But that’s not practical, to say nothing about being intrusive and a pest. Now I don’t have to because I have THE BLOG!!

Every day I can read about what’s going on, how God is working in their lives, their ups and downs, adventures and daily grinds. I even get recipes and PICTURES!! It’s a wonderful way to be kept in touch – and if I want details, I can call later. And what’s better, is that it’s not laundry lists of activities, but wonderfully woven stories with her gentle and sometimes hilarious humor that makes me actually laugh out loud.

I print these stories off and keep them in a three-ring binder at my desk. And when it’s full, I take it home, and start another. I print off special pictures and pin them to the wall by my desk and they have become great conversation starters with strangers, and “What are they up to now?” updates with co-workers who are always entertained by selected anecdotes I share. More than one of them has suggested that Heather could write a best-seller - and they would be first in line at the book-signing.

So now I know what a Blog is, and I’ll be the first to say that when a day goes by there isn’t one, the disappointment is of Richter Scale proportion. How gutsy is that? With all Heather has to do every day, who am I to feel let down when now and then it just doesn’t work for her to at least write a few words? It didn’t take long to spoil me! I hope she never stops. How blessed I am to be able to have a regular glimpse of the lives of the most important four people in the world to me. To be like a mouse in the corner watching the goings on in one very active family! It’s like a daily vitamin for my soul, a fix, if you will! I read and re-read the stories and when I start from the beginning, I read the progression in the lives of those who are so precious to me in a way that 20 years ago would not have been possible! How blessed I am!

And someday, when they have to tuck me away someplace where I can’t lose things, and my memory fades, I’ll have these notebooks to read and enjoy watching my family move through their days and I’ll know I’m so very blessed.

Thank you, Heather, I love you, Verna

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Tracy said...

I think that's one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time! HUGS Heather and Verna!