Friday, March 12, 2010

Will you be my neighbor?

My Neighbor Jane had a fantastic little questionnaire in her e-mail newsletter today, which she filled out and invited us all to do so as well. A "Get to know your neighbor/audience" kind of thing.

Because I love my Neighbor Jane Payne, I will gladly oblige!

1. What do you usually have for breakfast?

Egg sandwich - whole wheat toast, 1 egg, 2% cheese slice. Hungry Girl coffee drink.

2. What are three characteristics in others that you appreciate?
Work ethic, honesty, willingness to give

3. What are three characteristics in yourself that you appreciate?
Hat changing/juggling ability, honesty, willingness to follow Christ

4. If you could visit any period of history for one month, which one would you definitely NOT choose.
Old Testament - Queen Esther and the whole 12-month beauty treatment before you can go before the king? Yeah, sooooo not my style.

5. What was your favorite toy as a child?
Younger days - Tonka Trucks. Later - my bike.

6. What is one of your little talents that has given you big rewards?
Athleticism - as the mother of boys, it has served me so much better than abilities in fashion ever would have.

7. What fruit describes you best and why?
Coconut. Pretty tough to crack through, but once you're in, there's some kind of good stuff in there!

8. What do you think would improve your country?
Initiative, self-sufficiency, family values, and a complete intolerance for corruption of any sort.

9. When you’re shopping are you most like a skunk, whale, bear, or eagle? Why?
An eagle. I plan, prepare, and circle, circle, circle until the best deal is found.

10. When you’re working are you most like a mountain, river, ocean, or meadow? Why?
A river. Usually fairly steady, but there are some slow and/or stagnant spots. Then, along comes a waterfall to mix everything up, get a lot of stuff moved in a short amount of time, and keep everything on course.

11. What do you most appreciate about your family?
That we like to be together. Given the opportunity, we will literally spend hours in the same room - not necessarily doing the same thing, but together none-the-less.

12. If a movie were being made of your life, what actor/actress would you like to play you?

I don't think anyone would LIKE to play me. But, if given enough money, the actresses from either "Mad About You" or "Everybody Loves Raymond" have been living significant portions of my life their whole television careers - it would probably be an easy transition.

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tina said...

Awecome post Heather! I ditto number 6! Thanks for sharing.