Monday, March 1, 2010

Tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, spice, natural flavoring

In other words - catchup. Or, ketchup. Whichever you prefer.

I've been invisible a long time, huh?

Not really though. Lots going on around the Messer hacienda.

We've been Super Bowlin'.
We had a great time hosting some friends and family for another Super Bowl gathering, complete with some time at the shooting range before-hand for anyone who was interested. I believe the bar was set high, as Earl had hit the 1,000 yard target on the first try earlier in the week. Not sure anyone lived up to the challenge, but they all had a lot of fun trying!


Chance on the range before the Super Bowl. The boys have been splitting their time between the basketball court, getting ready for baseball try-outs, and shooting at targets. It's always so refreshing to finally get to Spring and get outside!

Makin' new targets.
Matt and the boys have been in the shop inventing again. Lately, the focus has been new targets for the range. I think the last two are called "Frank" - short for Frankenstein, and Baby Ben - a pendulum style target. They're getting pretty darn good at hitting them, too!


I'm not Super Woman. Time to admit it.


Wait, maybe I am . . .


Early spring means early busy-season. It also, hopefully, means that March and April will be that much easier, with a little bit of the work already out of the way.

These little munchkins are getting smarter every day. Taller, too.


Lasagna in my new pan I got for Christmas.

We adopted a new cooking routine. Each person picks one night per week. They have to plan the meal and cook it (with help, if needed). Since Wednesdays are Simple Supper at church, this only leaves a couple days a week that I have to dole out my mediocre fare I try to pawn off as "nutrition".


Ready to hit the slopes. Colt's first time on the hill. Chance's first time with a snowboard.

Colton's doing great!

Here's Chance, back on two planks. He gave it a good try, but spending the morning on his backside and one really huge crash was enough to send us to the rental shack to finish out the day on something we knew he could control. We all had a great day - and we all felt it the next day :)

Boarding. (Kind of)

See above.

Dinner questioning.

What Olympic sport would you choose? Curling, Ski Jumping, Biathlon, Speed Skating, Moguls, Snowboard Half-Pipe.

What character in a book describes you and why? Third little pig (Number 3 said nix on tricks, I'm'a build my house with bricks. He had no time to sing and dance, 'cause work and play don't mix. [thanks, B5]), David, any of the 7 Dwarfs (depending on the mood), Adam (something about led astray by a beautiful woman...), Babe Ruth


Getting ready for the 2010 art show circuit. Didn't we just finish this? It seems to come around quicker each year...

State Basketballin'.

Watched the Lions take 6th place at the State Tourney. They made our community proud - this was supposed to be a "rebuilding" year. The team we played against had a couple fantastic athletes on it. One, I considered a ball hog, and was feeling somewhat negative toward. He was impressive, though - could do pretty much anything with the ball once he got a hold of it. Then, Matt tells me a bit of his story, which he heard at half-time - he's basically homeless - lost his dad, and his mother is unable to take care of him. His teammates take turns hosting him in their homes. Now, my mind is reeling - basketball is possibly the only thing keeping the kid from following in his mother's footsteps. Suddenly, I didn't care that he was a ball hog. Show 'em what you can do, kid. Use this to make something of yourself. It may be your springboard to greatness. (Melodramatic, I know - I should write romance novels).


As if you didn't already know. Don't go to Costco hungry. The bill is much larger The resistence much tougher. The food court more tempting. Just sayin'. On the flip side, have you tried the Coastal - Rugged, Mature English Cheddar? To die for. Yum. The Costco gal tells me the Dubliner is just as good. Tillamook, you've been replaced.

Leif Enger - Peace Like a River; Sara Evans - The Sweet By and By; Jodi Picoult - 19 Minutes; currently working on Susanna Aughtmon - All I Need is Jesus & a Good Pair of Jeans (the tired supergirl's search for grace)

Chance has finished books 1 - 4 in the Lightning Thief series in 3 weeks. The kid's PLOWING through them. He's cranky because I won't buy book 5, but it's still only hardback. And I'm cheap. And I want them all to match. Poor kid - I'm sure this will get me to Dr. Phil someday.


I can't imagine if I had girls. I can't keep up with a couple boys . . .


Had to re-do our laptop. Somehow, I have inherited a computing gift from somewhere. Unfortunately, it's kind of like the cobbler's kid's shoes - you fix everyone else's but your own. It was finally time to fix our own. One weekend shot, but at least I can blog again.


The kids have been a barrel of laughs.

Colton - Woah, that is HOT! And, I mean the steaming hot, not like when I think a girl is pretty!

Matt - "I went to the pawn shop today." Colton (not missing a beat) - "Did you see Big Hoss?" Anyone for Pawn Stars??

Chance has really picked up on Matt's penchant for movie line trivia - he comes up with the best lines - most of them from Napoleon Dynamite. I'm continually cracking up.




Miller Family said...

Whoa, you have definitely packed it all in! Ty read the first Lightning Thief and is mad at me for not buying him the series or letting him spend his money to buy the series. I told him he had to rent them all from the library first and if he REALLY liked them, then he could buy them. We had just gotten him the Diary of a Wimpy Kid set for Christmas and he read those in a month. Is that a Rachel Ray pan you got for Christmas? Love the dinner idea where each person makes a meal. Love the jokes. Boys are so funny! And I too agree that I don't know what I would do with girls and all their laundry when I barely keep up with two boys. Funny how clothes multiply overnight in the hamper.

Darla said...

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow girl did we miss you!!
I hate how you never know what you have got till it is gone (at least for a week or so) We love to keep up with your family via your blog and so when it is not up to date we really miss you!
Keep on Keepin on Blogger!!
The JJJT's