Friday, March 5, 2010

Guest Post - Mrs. Eagle Eye, by Matt

Good Morning!
I ran into one of your teachers, Mrs. (Eagle Eye*), and she was so enthusiastic to talk about you, I thought she was going to hug me or something. Wanted to know how you are doing and every other sentence was (and I'm NOT kidding) "I just love Matt". I told her you were still making metal yard art and she said she has bought your WSU signs for her kids and her sorority sisters and that she just loves you so much. You obviously did something right......
Mom (Verna)

Super. The chick is a witch! She is the teacher/hall Nazi that dropped the dime on me to Mr. (Principal*) when she caught me passing my answers to Justin Vetch so he had a snowballs chance of passing his history final. It's not like my answers were gonna get him an A. Truth is, he was taking a chance with my work, but he trusted me, and I considered him my friend. Her eagle eye caught my slight of hand and lead me to the principles office. Once there, Mr. (Principal) found it in his heart to kick me out of school for only three days instead of the standard 9 the guy had a habit of handing down every time the wind blew a teenage indiscretion across his desk. I'm not much for him either come to think of it! It was all I could do to keep quiet when he and his obviously desperate wife moved into Papa's house while I was still going to the high school he obviously didn't want me to attend.

The fact that our metal work finds a place in her cold heart does nothing for me. The only redeeming value is that the cold steel probably raised the temperature in that cave by a few degrees.

I said it then and I'll say it now. I'd do it again given the opportunity. Suspension be damned! I actually got good at explaining the situation during my many background checks for the career she tried so hard to derail. Although she and her principal cohort didn't see the courage Justin displayed or the heart I had for the guy, the background detectives did see the humor of the situation.

I want my three days back!

*Names changed to protect the innocent. Names of the guilty blatantly left for any keen eye to see.

So tell me, any old high school grudges you're still hanging on to? Can you reveal, or must you change names to protect the innocent?

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh ho! "The only redeeming value is that the cold steel probably raised the temperature in that cave by a few degrees."