Monday, March 8, 2010

Feat or Flop

So, I had this whole post planned about the best and worst things that happened this week. You know, things that were feats, and things that ended up being flops.

Things like using a new iPhone app (Lose It!) to track weight loss and exercise (feat)- and then going 380 calories over budget on the 3rd day (flop).

I thought I would have lots of funny little anecdotes and things to report, and it would all tie together into a funny little post with a great kicker at the end.

Really, all I've got is the kicker.

FLOP - when frantically cleaning the house before company comes over, don't forget that your bras are hanging in the bathroom. You will never be able to look their teenage son in the eye again. Just sayin'.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

But think of the experience it provided him! (Feat)

Miller Family said...

I am giggling!
How about having your boys help fold laundry and they look at your g-string underwear and wonder if it really is underwear and why there isn't much there. Now I take care of those before asking them to fold the laundry. Hee Hee