Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner Question Snippets

Dinner question on Tuesday - tell us about your first date? Chance decided it was obviously only for the adults, but I decided to let them speculate on what their first date will be . . .

. . . Chance - you mean my second?

. . . Colton - I'll probably just take her to the movies. Maybe some ice cream. Mostly, I have NO CLUE!

Dinner question Monday - if you could teleport anywhere in the world for 90 seconds, where would you go?

. . . Chance - On the world's tallest roller coaster

. . . Colton - to California Screamin'

. . . Matt - 90 seconds straight up in a rocket

. . . Me - to see our Compassion Kids

Dinner Question Sunday - Would you want to own your own company? If so, what would it be?

. . . Chance - Yes! Create-A-Candy - you could make your own kind of candy flavors, and buy them in stores or order them on the internet (if your town wasn't large enough to support a store). You choose colors, flavors, etc.

. . . Colton - Yes! Create-A-??? - it would be really like creating anything you want. Each room would be different. Just a creating kind of company. Like one room is food. One room is robots, etc, etc, etc.

. . . Mommy - Maybe? - I know what this sort of thing really looks like. Lots of work, few benefits. But, I'll play along. Mine would be - DWOC - "D-walk" - Donuts With Out Calories. I'm pretty sure I'd be a billionaire. At least.

. . . Matt - Yes! Create-A-Sweet - you could make your own kind of candy flavors, and buy them in stores or order them on the internet. How much would yours cost, Chance? ($5/#) - okay, so mine would be $4 / #. It only took about 2 minutes for the light bulb to pop on in Chance's head - you want to be my COMPETITION??? What are you thinking?????


Anonymous said...

I said 89 seconds striaght up. 90 up and 90 down would cause a mess with the whole inertia thing. I could survive one second. Come on, ya gotta think these questions all the way though!

Ande Payne said...

Those sound like such fun dinners! I especially love the date conversation. Guess who is coming to next year's retreat?!