Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Rest of the Story

5 Days of Theme Parks
50+ hours logged at said parks
6 Roller Coaster rides at Knott's Berry Farm
1 Insane Water Ride
1 Soaked and cranky mama
1 Visit to Huntington Beach
2 Soaked boys!
2 New sets of clothes so we could have . . .
1 Dinner on the pier
30 minute detour to see the Hollywood sign on the way home
21 hours in the car to get home
100+ Oregon Duck license plates heading north with us (that's just the ones we saw!)
5 1/2 tanks of gas for the whole trip
2533 total miles
32.8 average MPG
2 trips to the grocery store
2 new great American fast food icons visited - In N Out, Popeye's
5 brown bag lunches
9 hotel meals (either breakfast or dinner)
3 great restaurant dinners
5 pounds of fresh oranges from a roadside fruit stand
7 nights in hotels
4 lockers rented
65 dollars spent on the "very affordable" Disney Photopass photos
0 regrets

1 comment:

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love how you think in numbers and lists. And, the things you keep track of (like MPG).

How did you make it back in 21 hours? I thought it took 23 to get down there?

I love Disneyland. I'm so glad you made this happen.