Saturday, December 19, 2009

A letter to Murphy

Dear Mr. Murphy-

#1. I hate your law.

#2. I had lots better things to do today than clean up after the washing machine went T.U. and flooded the laundry room and the bathroom.

#3. I knew you'd get us as soon as we got a new t.v.

#4. The corner behind the washing machine hasn't been cleaned in a REALLY long time - I guess I can thank you for that. Maybe.

#5. Please visit someone else's house for the remainder of the holiday season - we've got other plans.


Susan said...

Please let that house be someone other than us. Preferably someone I don't know. And who can afford you.

The Pyles

Anonymous said...

Oh, man Heather. Sorry, that Mr. Murphy got you at this time of the year! Yes! I agree with Susan, hope he visits someone else's house. I don't want to know what is behind my washer!