Monday, December 21, 2009

It was on my list

At one point, it was on my list. I think it actually made two lists.

But, as is normal this time of year, the lists are falling apart. They get transferred to new lists. They get misplaced with one or two things yet unchecked. They get spilled on, stepped on, and thrown away.

So, it is with great dismay that I report I am a week late to wish Miss Jennifer a


I am 8 days late, so I will list 8 things I LOVE about you!

  1. You are the most generous gal - you clipped coupons and put them in the mail to me - I think you know my love language :)
  2. You are as cheap (ahem, THRIFTY) as I am.
  3. I love camping with you and visiting with you.
  4. You support my kids whenever you can. (PS - the Butterbraids that we promised on Thanksgiving will be coming on Christmas!!!)
  5. You are all about your family. They are so very blessed to have you.
  6. You love Jesus.
  7. You step in and help with whatever I need, whether at camping, at our house, or shopping on Black Friday, I can always count on your help if I need anything.
  8. You drive the coolest Rockstar bus I've ever seen. I'm jealous.

Happy Birthday, girl! Can't wait to see you this weekend. Sorry I'm lame and late. This also means that you won't be getting the Hilary Clinton card back. There's always a silver lining, isn't there??

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