Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goin' back to Cali

Oh my, what a vacation it's been so far! I'll have much more detailed posts and exploits in later posts, but thought I'd let y'all know what's been going on!

First of all, this blogger and scrapbooker extraordinaire has forgotten her camera. Ahhhhhh! You should see the 3-ring binder I've got for organizing this trip, and I forget the camera. But, Disney, has a fantastic Photo Pass option, and our iPhones have done the rest, so all is not lost. I am not stressing about it, and just letting Disney take the good pictures.

Consequently, the few "teaser" photos above are only iPhone quality, but will let you know how much fun we're having!

Here are the first few highlights:

We had an emergency pit stop just 55 miles into the drive. Thankfully, it was the result of a long day full of Christmas cookies and not the flu.

We had another mishap - no bright lights (we started out at 10 pm) about 120 miles into the journey. We had the dims, though, and trudged through.

We blew right past our first planned stayover (Sacramento) and came straight down to Anaheim. Whew! 23 hours in the car - with several stops along the way. The boys were troopers, for sure. Mama, too :)

We have spent two days at Disney so far. Plus ESPN Zone.

Today is Legoland.

Tomorrow some more Disney.

Friday remains to be seen. Matt votes Six Flags. The kids don't know yet. I just wanna lay on the 70* beach.

Saturday we head back. Bright eyed and bushy tailed for work/school on Monday.

What a whirlwind!!!


Anonymous said...

We are so exicted for you guys!
Glad you are able to make do with the iphones and Disney pics. We would not want to miss a thing!
Have too much fun!
The JJJT's

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea!

How exciting. I do love Disneyland. Have a great time.

I can just see your organized notebook.

Quite funny about the camera, though.

Darla said...

How fun.. but you forgot your camera???? Hmmm I promise I won't remind you of that often *lol*

Glad you are having a great time!!!

Miller Family said...

Great minds think alike. I always have so much researched and organized for our family trips (few and far between trips) the boys laugh. I forgot an extra memory card for my camera when we went to Legoland, but fortunately, I bought one at staples for cheaper than WA had it. Have more fun! Can't wait to hear the details and see more pics.