Thursday, December 31, 2009

By the numbers

3 - Theme Parks Visited
2 - Visits to Disneyland
2 - Visits to California Adventure
1 - Visit to Legoland
45.5 - Theme park hours logged
1 - Theme Park to go
1 - Dinner Experience at Medieval Times
1 - Fun dinner and games at ESPN Zone
9 - Meals at the hotel or brown-bagged
4 - Fast food or on-the-road meals
2 - Trips to the grocery store
9 - Times we rode California Screamin' roller coaster
3 - Times we Soared over California and smelled the orange groves
5 - Shooting galleries at various Toy Story attractions
4 - Wins by Matt
1 - Win by Heather
1 - Trick to get Matt in the front of the car in Splash Mountain
4 - Battles won by the Green Knight (our Knight) at Medieval times before his ultimate demise
4 - Meals of dragon soup, baby dragons (tastes like chicken), ribs, and potatoes eaten at the Knight Tournament by . . .
4 - Very hungry vacationers tired of brown bags
6 - Bottled Starbucks for breakfast at the hotel
2 - Times we splurged and got the real thing
40 - Sweepers working at any one time in Disney's California Adventure
1234 - Riders per hour on California Screamin'
1000+ - Shooters per hour in the Toy Story Midway Shooting Gallery
9600 - Cars in the Mickey & Friends Parking lot
14 - Dollars to park there
40 - Wasted minutes on Autopia
1 - Rainy day
1 - Official graduate (Padawan) of the Jedi Training Academy
3 - Minutes before closing to squeeze in the 6th ride on California Screamin' for the day
17 - Fast Pass opportunities used
3 - Times we were late to the Fast Pass return line
4 - Amateur cartoons of Piglet and Daisy Duck
1 - Near heart attack during a bug invasion in the "Tough to be a Bug" multi-sensory movie experience
2 - Times Disney shut the gates because the park was too full
2 - Times we were already in
1 - Camera forgotten at Verna's
405 - iPhone photos taken
27 - Disney Photopass photos taken
5 - Character autographs
74 - Degrees in Anaheim
1 - Fake snowstorm during the Holiday Firework Show
13 - Facebook mobile status updates or photo uploads
4 - Jumps from the seat during the great mice outbreak in "Honey I Shrunk the Audience"
1 - Boy named Colton who would not put his feet on the floor at any show after that one
0 - Trips to Alice in Wonderland, the Disney Princesses, Princess and the Frog, Ariel's Grotto, or Ladybug Boogie
1 - Mama very much out-numbered by boys
10 - Free tortillas from the Mission Tortilla Factory
1 - SanFrancisco sourdough round purchased for the morning snack
4 - Free New Year's Eve hats
2 - Free New Year's Eve horns
0 - Horns that made it all the way back to the hotel
9 - Various headache remedies consumed
5 - $10 lockers rented
15 - Minutes to Disneyland's front door on the shuttle from the hotel 2 miles away
30 - Minutes into the Disneyland parking garage when driving yourself
30 - More minutes waiting for the shuttle from the parking garage to take you the last 400 (ish) yards
5 - Levels of intensity on the Bionicle ride in Legoland
2 - Levels available to guests shorter than 56"
1 - Very glad mama that it was her turn to ride with Colton

1 - Priceless vacation, full of Holiday Magic


Anonymous said...

1- Amazing wife to spent so much time planning a world class vactation on a redneck budget.

Thank you so much. The boys will remember this forever.

You are the BEST!


Darla said...


Anonymous said...

What a great blog to help us all feel like we are there with you. We are so happy that you all got to have this awesome experience!
Can't wait to see all those great pics!! Miss you guys.
Lova Ya.
The JJJT's

Miller Family said...

SWEET!!! You have an amazing husband by the way!!!