Thursday, November 5, 2009

We all have our vices

Darla's is Farmville.

Mine is currently Fantasy Football.

Before this year, I was a pretty casual football fan. Watch the games on Sunday afternoon if the TV was on - Monday night for sure because nothing else was on. Check in on the Seahawks. See how far they get into the season before they inevitably blow it.

Now, I pay more attention than I ever imagined.

Like, when we went to the Seahawks game a few weeks ago. It was great to be there. They were playing the Jaguars. And, I'm more concerned about missing points because Sims-Walker (who plays for the Jaguars) got benched than rejoicing in the obvious advantage for the Seahawks. Sims-Walker was locked in my starting line-up by the time I found out. Ugh.

Every Sunday, I'm glued to either a laptop or my iPhone, checking the scores and seeing how my guys are doing.

Chance and I drafted the team together, but since then, I've been in charge of trades, and deciding who to bench and who to start. He has become my armchair quarterback - questioning my every move, chastising the questionable ones and celebrating the "brilliant" ones.

Every Monday, I'm checking in with the video report from Matthew Berry on

Tuesday, the detailed, written article from Mr. Berry regarding that week's performances and next week's players to either pick up or drop.

I sure hope he knows what he's talking about, cause I'm pretty much relying on his advice 100% to get me through the "playoffs".

So, the whole point of this is, I'm really trying to think of a good blog post, but I can't. All that's running through my head is:

Will Ryan Moats really do anything, or is he a one-hit-wonder?

Is Sam Aiken gonna break through?

Can I trust Frank Gore?

How about LaDanian Tomlinson?

And can the Drew Brees, Marques Colston show last all year?

I know, I know. Not so interesting to most of you. But, unless you want Wordless Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to accompany Wordless Wednesday, you may have to put up with a Fantasy Football post or two before the season's out.

You know Farmville's totally the reason Darla hasn't posted all week, right?

We all have our vices.

So, how about you? Farmville? Facebook? Blogger? Fantasy Football? Give it up - what is it?

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tina said...

You are totally cracking me up!
I love it! We are a sporty family, but I less in to pro sports with the obstacle of kids and daily lives. I'm on facebook checking on everyone! In fact I just thought of a blog post about the fact there is no blogging due to FB and I DON"T even take the quizzes or play the games on there!