Monday, November 9, 2009

Things I Love

These are the things that are making our lives extra-special this week:
  1. A fire in the fireplace.
  2. The Chinese Nazi from Tree Cafe is back from China. She's been gone like a month. General Tso and I have never been more excited.
  3. She (The Chinese Nazi) hasn't changed. PTL.
  4. Colton still calls me "Mama". He's back in an inquisitive stage, so it happens about 100 times a day - "Mama? . . . .", but I love it anyway.
  5. Because it's fleeting. Chance is in a stage where I am mostly uneducated and embarrassing. This will likely only get worse. So, I'm holding onto "Mama" with all I've got for as long as I can!
  6. Hearing Matt sing "Ice Cream Man" on his new Guitar Hero - Van Halen. What a hoot.
  7. Creme Brulee Eggnog with my Chai Tea. YUMMMMMMM!
  8. Anticipating middle school basketball - so many memories are rushing back. First game - Monday night.
  9. The overloaded wood trailer made it all the way back from the cabin. I only clinched my hiney and sucked all the air out of the cab of the pickup six or seventy-five times.
  10. I have a new phrase. "You've been SERVED!" or, with a very confident voice, just "Se-erved". It's like being burned. But worse. Way worse. Ask your kids. I'm so hip.
  11. Fleece sheets. It's like sleeping on a warm, snuggly cloud.
  12. My new carpet's coming this week.
  13. So is the scrapbook retreat.
  14. Life is good.

Lots to be lovin', that's for sure. What are you loving this week?

1 comment:

Miller Family said...

It's early release all week so I am enjoying having the boys home more, however, Colin said 'mom' way more than I think he should have this afternoon.

Lovin' that I see my stuff packed and ready to go for retreat! See you Thursday.