Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A little perspective. I love perspective.

So, it starts on the way home from basketball practice the other night.

We were listening to "American Soldier" by Toby Keith. One of the boys' favorite songs.

Chance went into an explanation (dissertation) of the American Revolution.

Colton pipes in with a bit of knowledge of his own.

Chance - . . .so, that was the turning point of the American Revolution.

Colton - No, that was when Yankee Doodle saw the flag on top of a hill and wrote a song.

Chance - What? That's not a turning point!

Colton - What's turning point mean?

Chance - It's like when some kid is making fun of you for doing something, and all his friends are laughing, and you're like 'oh yeah, well you do that, too!', and then all of the sudden his friends are laughing at him and not at you anymore, and you're like 'Served!'. That's a turning point.

Colton - Oh. Yeah. I get it.

Chance - You can also make a turning point with bombs. Like say they have 1000 guys and you only have 200. So you bomb out like 600 of their guys. Turning point. All of the sudden, it's not so bad anymore.

And, from my perspective, all of the sudden, contrary to every interaction the last two weeks, my boys were getting along. Talking about something they were both interested in, and (most importantly) not fighting. Yeah. Turning point. Without the bombs, even. Turning point.


Anonymous said...

It “turned” again about 5 minutes later when the boys began a verbal battle that has escalated over the last few days into several physical altercations. The next “turn” was last night when one young son threw a fit and kicked a chair over in response to a simple request from his mother. The last “turning” point was when mom “turned” all electronics off for a week (equivalent of dropping the atom bomb). Heaven help those two boys if I have to “turn” them over my knee!

Miller Family said...

So is "served" the new lingo for boys? What a great conversation. Makes me want to have the boys do some research on that so they are more aware.