Monday, November 23, 2009

How you know you caught a good one

When he does this.

All because you are afraid of heights and you hate spider webs on popcorn ceilings. And maybe because he loves you.

Whata man, whata man, whata man, whata mighty good man . . .


Anonymous said...


The house looks amazing! Can't wait to see it! :)

PS-- Thank you SO much for the Angus Jones stickers! I've already labeled all of his bottles.

Cali said...


What a good man, indeed. Remember though, I'm still not sure you have a husband. He's yet to be seen.

I LOVE the house and carpet. We got ours in today. Funny how good that feels. It's like a haircut... you can tolerate and tolerate, but eventually it gets to where you can't stand it for another day. After it's done, you wonder why you put it off so long, because it feels so good to have it done.


Miller Family said...

...Yes he is!!!