Thursday, October 1, 2009

My new motto - I'm staying a waist level

DISCLAIMER - get ready, I'm feeling deep today. Real deep.

We love to spend time in the big Wave Pool whenever we go to Silverwood. The pool is graduated, and goes from 0' to 5' deep. At least, when there are no waves. Once the wave machine starts going, if you are in the 5' section, you are bobbing up and down on the huge swells - sometimes touching, sometimes flailing.

This is fine when having fun the pool. Not so great in regular life.

A friend asked me yesterday if I was keeping my head above water? She is someone I work with, who has been patiently awaiting the answers to some questions pertinent to her job, that I've been putting on the back burner because something more important always comes up.

My answer to her? I always have my head above water, but these dang waves are hitting from every direction and slapping me in the face! In the same e-mail, I may or may not have called the Salesmen that work for our company the cause of said waves, but that's another subject entirely!

Then, I got to thinking.

This is where it gets deep.

Why do I always think I have to be in so deep that my head is barely above water? Waves notwithstanding?

Yes, I can do that.

Of course, I'll get that information.

No problem, I'd love to be on another committee.

And the water level keeps rising. And rising. And rising.

And, on a calm day, it's all manageable. Head above water. Treading water. Heck, probably even making some progress.

But, on stormy days, with my head perpetually so close to danger, I'm fighting off that drowning feeling. And it gets a little overwhelming, trying to accomplish anything when all you can do sometimes is just fight for every breath.

So, I've made a decision. Not sure how yet to accomplish it, but I'm gonna try.

I'm going to spend the majority of my time at about waist deep. My feet on a firm foundation. Ready to absorb any waves that come my way.

And, for the days I have to dive in the deep end? I'm gonna use the floaties, and feel no shame for it. Prayer floaties - of course. Friend help floaties - absolutely. Drive through dinner floaties - when I need to. Date night floaties - I'll never turn them down.

So, I guess be warned my friends. Don't offer your floatie if you really don't mean it. Because I may be in the deep end that day, and I'm gonna take it.

On the flip side, since I'm gonna be spending most of my time waist deep, I'll be throwing you my floatie as often as I can. Be ready to catch it.

So, how about you? Are you above water? Who are your floaties? Wanna be one of mine?


Anonymous said...

Waist deep? I don't think our pool even has a bottom. For my part, I'm sorry I have been so busy trying to keep my head above water I haven't been able to throw you a floatie or two in weeks. It’s my job to keep us all afloat, I’ve been a rock lately. You are THE floatie.

Your analogy with the wave pool is correct, you can stand of firm ground one minute then the stupid thing turns on and your swimming for your life banging into other people that are also fighting for breath. The analogy fails when the machine shuts off. Ours never shuts off.

I hate the water!

Susan said...

I love this analogy also! My problem is that lots of times, I don't remember that I'm in the wave pool, so I think I'm doing great, and then the waves start and then I'm wondering how I got here!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I think I'll join you at waist level. I love Matt's er...anonymous'...comment.

You've thrown me several floaties through the years and I'll always be thankful to you for them.

Darla said...

You goof... We work so close together and why didn't I see it.. Maybe cuz I've felt that this past few weeks that my floaties weren't working either. What happened to our agreement that we wouldn't be drowning at the same time *lol* I love this post & I will say you, my friend are one of my #1 floaties and I'm so thankful for our friendship. You get all my drama, all my complaining, all my tears, and all my funnies :) Thank you and please know if I can do anything to help.. whether it be work,kids, whatever ... I am here..And I'm proud of you for giving up a few of your outside commitments... I know for you that wasn't easy... Hang in there & if I don't notice you are needing the rope and the rescue tube .. Please don't hesitate to ask!!!!

Miller Family said...

Oh Heather, you have explained to a tea how I have been feeling. I think as mom's we get caught up in the waves easily trying to make sure our attention is with all our kids, our husband, our job, our church duties, etc. Our intentions are that we are doing all these things for them, when sometimes it hits home that wow, maybe I just need to "be" with them. Does that make sense? I am very thankful for all my floaties and I hope if I am ever able to be a floatie for you, I will still be an inflated floatie. Thanks for this great reminder! Take care! And see you soon at the retreat!!

PS I think God's way of having us slow down (or realizing we need to slow down) is when one of our kids gets sick or we get sick. We have to rest a bit then.