Thursday, October 29, 2009

It all started at the Space Needle

"Well, if I had my own amusement park, the Space Needle would be in it . . ."

"Well, I'd have Timber of Terror and a bunch of really cool roller coasters . . ."

Sounds like good dinner question fodder to me. And so we did.

If you could design your own amusement park, what would be in it?
  1. After Shock (roller coaster at Silverwood)
  2. The Space Needle
  3. A Star Wars booth with working light-sabers
  4. GINORMOUS swing
  5. Target shooting (of course, with a .22 instead of a BB gun)
  6. Doughy elephant ear booth
  7. A rock star booth
  8. A train ride (a la Silverwood), combined with the Cabela's target shooting range - everyone gets a target shooting gun to shoot (infrared) targets throughout the train ride.
  9. A tidal wave pool
  10. The Indiana Jones ride from Disneyland
  11. A Kid Zone - lots of toys, and servants to bring them to you
  12. The Over/Under roller coaster
  13. Steak on a Stick food stand
  14. The Silverwood Log Ride - without the 'pay a quarter to squirt the riders' option
  15. Bunjee Trampoline, while dodging a sniper bullet
  16. Super Speed Waterslides, with a loop
  17. The Flusher (think swirling inner tube ride)
  18. Huckleberry Funnel Cake stand
  19. Coyote Hunting Simulator (with real coyote fur)
  20. Creme Brulee booth
  21. Baked Potato toss and eat
  22. Ferris wheel with NO LINE
  23. McRestaurant Roller Coaster - this would take drive-thru to the extreme!
  24. Super-Sized Go Kart track
  25. Eiffel Tower sized Ferris wheel, takes 24 hours to get all the way around, meals included

Okay, it got a bit silly, there at the end, didn't it? Still, would you come to our amusement park? What would you add if it was yours? What is your favorite theme park ride or attraction?

1 comment:

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm thinking I'd be mostly an observer in your theme park Heather. But I'd be a good, enthusiastic observer.

I'd add really nice clean bathrooms...and french fry dip.