Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I want to live this day over, and over, and over again for the rest of my life.

That's the mark of a good weekend, right there. That was Colton's wish on our way home from a fun weekend in Seattle.

Some highlights:

Pack up and take off early Saturday morning for Chance's last football game. He had a great game! Played running back with a few good carries. Got some tackles. Tried hard. Overall had a fantastic season and improved a TON!

Next, we hit the road and head west.

A stop in Ellensburg for lunch at a fun little service station turned diner. The boys spent the whole time looking at all the details of the model train running around above us.

We dropped Matt off at Starbucks to hit on college chicks and wait for his dad - we headed for the big city.

By Issaquah, life in the backseat of the car was getting a bit hairy, so we stopped at Target for some sniffly meds for Colton and found Jamba Juice to quench our thirst. Where oh where has Jamba Juice been all our lives? YUMMMM!

Quenched and refreshed, we hit the road again, and headed for Ballard Locks. We watched a few batches of boats come through from Puget Sound into Lake Washington, and then headed across to the fish ladder.

At the fish ladder, there was a tiered, grassy park area. The boys couldn't wait to run up and down. Of course, I've got the camera, hoping to get some good pics of the boys in the big city. I thought I was looking for pictures of them doing big city stuff.

But, when they got to the top and begged me to let them roll down, I couldn't resist. In my mind, I kept saying "Don't be the grass stain mom. They are boys! Let them be boys! Grass stains wash out. It's not all about perfect pictures."

And, thank goodness, I was right! But, I got some pretty fun pictures anyway!

Then, we were off to the Space Needle. The boys had never been to the top, and it had been a long time for me, so it was a grand adventure. They loved looking through the binoculars, and using the remote control camera that was in the lobby.

Meanwhile, Matt had followed us west with his dad and some friends - but they had their own agenda. He called us from the yacht. Yep, I said yacht. That used to be owned by the Onassis family (think Jackie O). He learned quickly that when you are on the former Onassis yacht, the term "dingy" is relative. Very relative.

He got to sit in the club section at the UW game, complete with free food, drinks, Starbucks, and fantastic seats. It was also a fantastic game, so hooray for Matt!

After our Space Needle expedition, we were exhausted and hungry. So, we headed to our hotel. Ordering pizza room service and swimming in the hotel pool complete with waterfall were almost as exciting to the boys as the rest of the day. We all crashed, only the adults knowing what the next day held . . .

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