Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How clean is clean?

Okay, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you were ever my roommate, or you're related to me, you know well my constant battle with the housecleaning. It's definitely not my strength. If this is the thorn in my flesh, then the devil has chosen well, because I think it's something I'll never conquer.

You've seen the scraproom at it's finest.

You've followed along as I try to finish up household projects.

You may have even voted on how often you think I clean my counters.

But, even with all that, I doubt you know much about the dredges of my house. I still only reveal what would be considered an "acceptable" amount of uncleanliness.

Here's a bit of an example:

Last November, we went to Mexico for my brother's wedding. Matt's mom came and stayed with the boys. The week before, we did all the regular "Company's Coming" type cleaning. Not necessarily deep cleaning, because I don't even think I know how to do that, but just the general stuff - dusting, mopping, toilets, vacuum, dishes, counters, etc.

We thought we did pretty good. And, we probably did.

Then, we came home.

And, a few things in my house sparkled like they hadn't in a long time.

Like even my DRYER knobs!!

Things hadn't looked this good since the days we thought we had money and hired a cleaner every two weeks.

I said to Matt, "Our house is really clean."

"I know," he replies, in a proud tone. "It feels really good, huh?"

"You don't understand," I say. "It's cleaner than when we cleaned it and thought it was clean. Even the washing machine is clean!"

"Ohhhhh. That's kind of embarrassing."

I chose not to embrace the embarrassment. I chose instead to receive the blessing, shout out my good fortune, and enjoy washer and dryer knobs that actually turned easily without all that lint and gunk stacked behind them.

Besides, my angel mother-in-law also did laundry, including FOLDING (Darla), and folded Matt's underwear. At 6 years old, this isn't such a big deal. The look on his face at 37 years old was priceless! The way I figured it, he had more embarrassment to claim than I did!

Today, I am reminded again of my shortcomings.

Colton is sick, and we are home for the day. I spilled some Cocoa Krispies on the floor, and decided it was enough of a spill to warrant getting the broom out. Woah.

With results like I experienced, I thought I'd probably better get the mop out, too. WOAH.

Have y'all ever Swiffer mopped? It's a whole different experience than dunking the mop back into the bucket and bringing it out "clean". The pad stays on the Swiffer, collecting dirt until you throw it away and put on a clean one. Yeah. You get to SEE all the dirt that you just swiffed off your floor. Yuck.

So, with all these great results, I thought I'd move onto the bathroom. My bathroom is also my laundry room. And, as I was working my merry way around the place, I found myself cleaning the top of the washer and dryer - including the KNOBS!

Suddenly, I came to my senses. What am I doing? I'm not a knob cleaner! Sure, now that I know what a clean knob feels like, I appreciate it when it happens. But, on the other hand:

There's a scraproom to organize.

There's blogging to do.

And Facebooking to catch up on.

Not to mention the medical records I'm supposed to be working on.

Cleaning, schmeaning.

Those knobs will be there tomorrow . . .


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Exactly. "Cleaning, schmeaning," it'll be there tomorrow and maybe your dear mother-in-law will come visit, too. You'd hate for her to have nothing to do.

Darla said...

You crack me up !!!! I think that's the problem with cleaning.. you get it done it feels nice but it's one of those things that doesn't last.. unfortunately we have to keep doing it :( Even cleaning the scrap room.. It's great to get it clean & organized, but once we use it again, it seems to go back. But my friend, you may not have clean nobs, and you may not have a clean counter (and I didn't say that- remember that nice policeman did) but those two little boys will have memories of you and Matt spending quality time - camping, corn maze, Seattle on the 40 yard line.. so quit beating yourself up ... you are the bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your endless pursuit of the laundry! The house looks great, even the knobs.

Miller Family said...

I really struggle with this because I enjoy cleaning since I love the results. However, I need to not worry about cleaning when the boys are here other than the few chores we do together with cleaning (everyday stuff). Funny, I caught myself cleaning the knobs and the lids on my washer and dryer this morning before my niece and nephew got here. Have a great day off. I hope your little guy feels better soon!!