Thursday, October 15, 2009

Groundhog Day, continued

So, Sunday morning, we all sleep until about 9:00. Oh, the joy and beauty that is embodied in a hotel room with a comfortable bed and room-darkening blinds. I had no idea what time it was when I finally rolled out of bed. I think there will be room-darkening blinds in heaven.

Anyway, we headed downstairs for our free hotel breakfast. This is where I give a shout out to Embassy Suites - we love the pool and we love that you cook us a hot breakfast in the morning, not some stale pastry bar that's supposed to pass for morning sustenance.

Back up to the room to pack up. Colton, once he sees his swimsuit being packed, suddenly has the urge for one last hotel swim before we go. But there's no time. He doesn't know why, but there's no time. A small fit ensues.

We're off to Bell Square for a bit of shopping and hopefully iPod fixing. Via Starbucks, of course! We didn't have such great luck with the iPod, but found the LEGO store on the way to the Apple Store. Just when they thought it couldn't get any better, the boys were in heaven again. For almost an hour, we wandered the store, looking at all the LEGO possibilities. Chance filled a small container with LEGOs, and purchased them with his weekend allowance. Colton couldn't decide, and didn't really want to part with any of his money, so he just did a lot of dreaming. Until we were headed back to the parking lot. Then, he was really wishing he had spent some money in the LEGO store and could we please go back. No, we could not. Another small fit.

Back on I-90, we head toward the city. At the west end of I-90, we wait about one hour in traffic. There's a game at Qwest Field, and the cars are bumper to bumper.

It is not until we turn into the parking lot at the stadium and I hand the boys two t-shirts (Seahawks) and tell them to put them on that they realize we are headed to a professional football game. Both boys, in hearing snippets of planning for the weekend, had actually guessed that we were going to the game, but after getting no reaction or validation, decided maybe they were wrong.

They weren't.

We sat on the 40-yard line on the Seattle side. Seattle won 41 - 0, and the stadium roared the whole afternoon. What a fantastic experience!

Colton finally let go of some of his Seattle cash - for a foam finger. That he promptly turned into a machine gun. And spent the rest of the game shooting at people throughout the stadium. Whatever.

After the game, and a short (ish) wait in the parking lot, we were headed east again. Exhausted, hungry, and totally filled to the brim with all the fun. It took the boys about 1 mile to fall asleep. Neither wanted to wake up for dinner. But they did.

Neither wanted to wake up for school on Monday. But they did. Cause they had stories to tell - about a weekend that they both wanted to live over and over and over for the rest of their lives. That's how we do it. At least sometimes.

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Miller Family said...

Your family outing sounds a little bit like some of our family outings. We totally surprised the boys when we took them to San Diego to go to LegoLand. Then this summer we got to the airport and told them we were going to Alaska. They were so thrilled. I love surprises and love to plan surprises.
Glad you had such a great time in Seattle. Gotta love those black out shades!!!