Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting to know your friends - the real quiz

Okay, so you know those e-mail "Getting to Know You" quizzes that you see every once in awhile? I've sent some. I've responded to some. Most of the time, they are fun and informative.

Until now.

I have found the surefire way to "get to know my friends". Better than I've ever known them before.

In one simple, multiple-choice question.

You have two snack items in the cupboard . . .

A box of Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter popcorn.

A stray pouch of Jolly Time Mallow Magic, leftover from a Mallow Magic pop gone wrong.

Does adding the Mallow magic marshmallow flavor pouch to the somewhat stale, cardboard-ish, Healthy Pop snack:

a. Simply enhance the flavor to make it edible.

b. Cancel out any healthy benefits from the "Healthy Pop".

c. Ewwww. Marshmallows on popcorn? Are you that desperate?

d. Why didn't you invite me over to help with this experiment? How can you call me a friend?
Your answer in the comments is much anticipated . . .


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hmmmmm. I really, really, really need an "e" None of the above.

Can I still be considered a friend?

Darla said...

I hate to even admit this *lol*
I tried the marshmellow on the low fat popcorn... It was nasty!!! Wasn't worth any points *lol* And you my friend know that I would not lead you astray when it comes to popcorn *lol*