Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beauty for Ashes

So, this is what my scrap room looks like right now. I'm not proud. You have no idea how many "Before & After" blogs I've planned in my head - always with the Before pictures, never quite making it to the After.

It can get a bit discouraging.

Until now.

This is what I found amidst the mess a few days ago.

Thanks for this mess!
It's amazing the treasures that come out of this room. Truly like a diamond out of coal.
Thank you for your hard work!

Nope, girls. Sorry. This one's taken. He's my one-of-a-kind.

Thanks, babe! I love you :)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now THAT is romantic. I had no idea you had such a wonderful place to create, Heather. Good for you.

Rachel said...

oooooohhhhh, this is just the sweetest, greatest love note ever. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

Donna Chapin said...

Isn't it nice to know that efforts are appreciated. And thanks for sharing your before picture because I can only identify.

Miller Family said...

Ahh, how sweet. I love your scrap room! NICE!! A place to call your own that only has one purpose to it...scrapbooking memories!!

You should see mine ( I should complain because at least I have a permanent space), however, it is also my food storage, sewing, craft, lego etc room. It's NOT a big room, just LOTS of stuff in one! See you soon to scrap!!

Miller Family said...

I meant to say (I shouldn't complain...) ooppss! Really, I am not complaining.