Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Idea #10 in Colton's list of ways to get out of a jam

It's been a long week.

It's been a long 7 weeks.

This week marks the end of Matt's out of town assignments, and I couldn't be more ready.

Neither could the boys, apparently. They need a dominant male back in the house.

They are whiny. They fight. They bicker. They fight. They're tired. They fight. And then they fight some more.

Tonight, as I was talking on the phone to my dad, I hear a ruckus in the bathroom during tooth brushing time. Chance comes out of the bathroom holding his eye, crying. Colton is now crying, too. I think just for good measure.

What happened?

Colton punched me in the eye!

Did you, Colton?



He made me mad! (Colton is excused to the time-out step)

What did you do to make him mad, Chance?

I squirted the fluoride rinse into the cup when it was supposed to be his turn.

Wow. Huge offense, huh?

I leave Colt on the step for about 5 minutes, then head in there to talk to him.

*Insert* I am not a light walker. By any means. My heel-toe stomp can be heard for miles and/or minutes when I'm headed your way.

By the time I get to the step, Colton has his head bowed, and hands folded - looks a little bit like this-

Colton, you need to go apologize to your brother.

Fine! But, you shouldn't interrupt me when I'm praying for forgiveness!

Right. (trying so hard not to bust out laughing) Forgiveness. That's a great plan. You better finish that up and then apologize to your brother.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Blessed are the peacemakers . . .

Welcome home Matt, welcome back to sanity, Heather.

willing2riskready2go said...

Kids are the greatest! I wish I was that quick to pray for forgiveness too!