Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gender Gap

Yesterday was chore day. Well, it was football day, then it was chore day.

We came home, and all went about various duties. Matt was mowing the lawn, I was cleaning up around the house, and the boys were doing their chores.

After awhile, Colton comes in the house and asks:

"Mom, can I work like a man?"


"Can I work like a man?"

I'm thinking he'd rather do outside chores than inside, or "guy" jobs instead of housework.

"Sure. Why don't you go find your dad?"

"Yessssssss!" Colton exclaims. "I can take my shirt off!"


"I can take my shirt off and work like a man!"

In case you're wondering, it didn't really look anything like this:

But it was cute, none-the-less!


Cali said...


Your picture of Matt looks JUST LIKE Ray. Maybe it's just the same ladder.


Anonymous said...

The only thing me and that guy have in common are ripped jeans and dirty gloves.

Miller Family said...

Oh cute! I remember asking my dad when I was about four if I could take my shirt off too to help him work on our blue el camino. He said sure thing. Boy, glad I don't do that now.