Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football is life

Kind of. At least, I'm finding it's a pretty good imitation. I guess most sports are.

As we left Chance's game this morning, we saw two friends walking away from another field, opposite of us, heading for their car.

"How'd it go today?" he asked.

After a pause, "It was a learning experience," answered Matt.

"We had one of those today, too!" he answered with a slight chuckle.

And, that's just plain how we have to look at it. A learning experience. So, I'm sure you're begging to ask the age-old question - What did you learn at school football today?

  1. There should be some cosmic force that steps in and does not let cheaters win the game. But there is not.
  2. Cheaters will often win in this world, on the football field and off.
  3. That doesn't make it okay to be a cheater. Ever.
  4. Grown men/dads who call 5th graders "losers" from the sidelines are Grade A asses pinheads.
  5. A pinhead on the sidelines does not, cannot, define who you are as a person.
  6. It is up to you to make sure that they don't.
  7. Being on the losing team and still having morals is way better than being a cheater on the winning team.
  8. It is very hard to convince a 10-year-old boy of this fact.
  9. But it is the most important lesson he can learn in football.
  10. Especially if football is life. Or at least something like it.
Chance, I am so proud of you today. You tried your best. You never gave up. And you never gave in to the temptation to lower your standards. I've felt that temptation, and I am so glad you stayed true to yourself. Way to go, buddy. Today, you won in more ways than you will know for a long, long time.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Argh. Argh. Argh.

Football teaches parents as well as kids, doesn't it? I don't always like being taught in football.

Darla said...

What a rough day for all... It will get better. I think it's actually harder on the parents than the kids. Hang in there mom,dad & Chance

Darla said...


Love the pic...

Picture Perfect!!!!

Susan said...

Oh Heather. I feel for ALL of you. And I've been there. Good for you for teaching (and learning) the RIGHT lesson. I'm so happy that there are those that learn it, to combat those that don't!