Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bunch of sickies

As I type, we have cancelled every weekend activity that was supposed to occur in our family, except Matt's work this afternoon.

We are sick. Except really, only one of us is sick. The problem is, in order to not make the rest of the world sick, we stay home from group activities and keep it to ourselves. Dang, sometimes I hate being responsible.

Here's what being sick has meant for our weekend:

  1. No Friday night football at halftime of the big boys' game.

  2. Lots of sleep.

  3. Top Ramen.

  4. No Saturday morning football game.

  5. No yard sales.

  6. No car shopping.

  7. A quick trip to town for Gatorade and Tylenol.

  8. Lots of temperatures.

  9. Reading (If you haven't read The Help, you should. Right now. It's that good.)

  10. Quiet time.

  11. TV and movies.

  12. Watching football.

  13. No "date night" for mom & dad.

  14. No babysitter for the boys.

  15. Appetizer dinner - how many things can you eat with toothpicks?

  16. More Tylenol.

  17. Restless nights.

  18. No church.

  19. And, again, no car shopping. (Sorry to the salesman who Matt told we'd be in after church!)

  20. A puzzle.

  21. 7-Up.

  22. Lemonade.

  23. Popsicles.

  24. K-Nex.

  25. Laundry catch-up.

  26. Pool clean-out.

  27. Dishes catch-up.

  28. Counter clean-off.

  29. Eggs in a frame.

  30. Chocolate milk.

  31. Wii. Guitar Hero. Madden football. Lynx archery.

  32. Snuggles.

  33. Naps.

  34. More temperatures.

  35. Relief.

Wow. Even with all that cancelling, we did more than I thought! Yet, so much less. I think our entire household is enjoying its Sabbath rest, forced or not.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man, sorry to hear you've got the sicks at your house. Other than not feeling good, your weekend sounds really good, though. Except Top Ramen. I'm not a huge fan, but a bowl of cereal would be a happy substitute for me.

tina said...

Sounds like you still got much accomplished. The think I like most is naps!!!:) Sorry to hear sick is in your air. Still praying it won't come here - so far so good.