Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scoreboard Update

The screen door is closeable.

The pool is swimmable.

The pond is fishable.

The freezer is presentable.

The library book is returnable.

The dresser drawer is stowable.

But . . .

I couldn't leave well-enough alone with the shower.

And so, I have a piece of advice for my bloggy-ville friends:

  1. When your husband says "It looks like the Wal-Mart health & beauty aisle puked on our bathroom counter!", take it as a compliment. It means he is noticing your "progress" on your projects.
  2. When you pick out the caulking at Wal-Mart, keep in mind there was probably a reason the previous caulker had picked white and not clear.
  3. When you get all the old caulk off, and see what's behind there, you will know that reason. And you will be convinced that you cannot use clear caulk and ever feel clean in that shower again.
  4. So convinced, in fact, that you will leave the bathtub as-is for the night, until you can get back to Wal-Mart the next day.

Showering in the tiny, upstairs shower will not be enjoyable.

But, having a new, clean start in the downstairs tub will surely prove invaluable.

At the very least, acceptable.

And, by the end of the week, the score will be unbelievable.

Cali, I could feel the foam fingers and cheering throughout the week. Your support was unflappable.


Cali said...

I'm glad you noticed the foam finger... because my cow bell broke half-way through the week. I was hoping that giant foam finger would be enough to KEEP YOU GOING!
PS: I KNOW exactly what you mean about needing white instead of clear caulking... we're using white. What you still can't see, you eventually forget you saw.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh good, I'm glad Cali commented. I was going to tell tell her your clear warning. I remember now why we didn't use it!

Heather, you are one handy woman.