Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friendship? Yes, please! -Charles Dickens

So, I knew by posting the Thelma and Louise teaser, I was setting myself up for the most uneventful day ever. With the memory of last year now fresh in every one's mind, this year could never measure up.

And it didn't.

Not even close.

It was fairly uneventful.

I daresay it wasn't even that much fun.

But, it was exactly what I needed. And for that, I am grateful.

I started off Friday with a heart wrenching meeting full of tough decisions. Darla started off Friday bumping up against some unbending Accounts Payable rules. A headache to say the least.

By the time I got to work (10:00 instead of the 8:30 I had promised), we were both more than ready to hit the road.

So, it would figure that the Yukon decided not to start.

And we had to take a pickup instead.

A pickup which was not an extended cab.

By Othello, when we picked up Annette, life was very cozy!

Yet somehow, it was still exactly what I needed.

I needed to know that I have friends that love me enough that we don't always have to entertain each other. Although it happens 90% of the time when we're together, it's okay when all is not a barrel of monkeys. Or a barrel of laughs. Or even a barrel of whiskey - which I'm sure any of the 3 of us would have welcomed on Friday!

I needed to know that, on a day when I would have loved to crawl in a corner by myself, providence would have me sandwiched into a pickup so tight that we joked about the Jaws of Life prying us all apart if we wrecked.

I needed to know that my friend would understand this was a day in which we all needed dessert, and diets be damned.

But, I also needed that friend to remind me that the dessert shooter, versus the full-size, was plenty enough to fit the bill. And it was. Diets need not be damned - at least not completely ;)

I needed to remember that as much help as I could lend to Darla in planning this BBQ, it will be returned to me 10-fold when I'm planning my next event. Whether she lets me carry the tray or not.

I needed to know that we could all walk into a Craft Warehouse and back out EMPTY HANDED. I didn't think it was possible. We are ladies of firm resolve, tight time lines, and incredible self-restraint.

I needed to know, even if just a reminder, that on a bad day, friendship is ever-so-much more important than on 1,000 good days.

So, even though the day didn't seem to measure up by last year's standards, it blew the top off the measuring stick by this year's standards. By being everything I needed at the time.

True friendship is like that, huh?

Thanks, girls. I am truly blessed.

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the
light."- Helen Keller

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I loved this post, Heather. Really loved it. You captured so much in it.

I love yours and Darla's and Annette's friendship, too. It's fun to see it.