Thursday, August 20, 2009

Darla, can you check my neck - I think it's officially red

As if we didn't know it from the multitude of Wal-Mart posts and pictures of guns and shooting - the Demo Derby last night proved it - I'm a total Redneck.

We had a blast last night at the Derby! We went to the fair for awhile, to check the boys' entries, have some dinner, and take in the sights. Both boys' entries did great - all reds and blues. Dinner met my every expectation - there's just no way to beat a good, hand-dipped corn dog, fried in grease that hasn't been changed in weeks.

My splurge on this attraction was traded for a promise to never mention another carnival ride the rest of the evening. $12 bucks well-spent, I say!!

Then, it was off to the derby.

The mud was flyin'. And so were the cars at times. We had tons of fun with Darla and her boys, picking cars for each race, cheering and hollering for our favorite drivers, and singing with the music between races.

I may or may not have participated in a mission of finding a suitable mate for my single friend. It brought about a few very entertaining verbal exchanges:

"Whoa, there's one!" - me
"He's way outta your league, mom!" - Chance
"Honey, I'm married. They're all outta my league"

The next exchange had something to do with Wranglers, a gun, and handcuffs. I can't fully remember it - mostly on account of this is a rated G site.

And, my personal favorite for the evening . . .

"That boy is way too hot to be a Hutterite!"

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Today I added something to my bucket list--go to the demo derby with Darla and Heather...while Darla is still single and we're looking for a match.

The "too hot for a hutterite" really made me smile.