Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Blurb

A couple weeks ago, my mom asked me if I'd been printing and/or archiving my blog in some way. She had read a blog in which the author had just had her blog published as a book, and it made her think of mine - of the time, effort, and memories encapsulated here.

I did a little research on it. Okay, really, I Googled it, then clicked on 3 of the links. But, I found Blurb. You download their program to your computer, then work on your "book". When it's done to your satisfaction, you upload the info back to their site, and they publish it for you.

I ended up doing a year per book. For my blog (about 175 posts/year), each book was about $65. They have a base rate, which includes 40 pages, then you add on per page from there.

It includes the text and pictures from each post, and has a variety of templates to use for each page. Very user friendly. All-to-easy to spend seventy bucks.

But so, so worth it. And, they turned out beautifully. No more worrying where my memories will be if Blogger decides to crash tomorrow.

Thanks for the idea, mom! Check it out - BLURB.
PS - Blogger's being stupid, and keeps turning my pictures, and I don't have the patience to fight, so just tilt your head, K?


Anonymous said...

Where do I get my signed copy?

Miller Family said...

I did that for our family 2008 blog. It turned out great and was really easy to do. Glad you took the time to print out your memories. My boys love looking through ours, they should have their own copy (but not for $65 each).

Tracy said...

Ok, that's really cool Heather! Great idea! I don't blog anything that I *want* to keep in a format like that ... but who knows, maybe one day! :)