Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Scoreboard

There's been a bit of competition around our house the last couple days.

I am winning.

And I am determined to keep winning - even if it means calling in reinforcements.

Shower Curtain - 0
Me - 1

You have been on the back burner all too long, Mr. Too Long For My Too Short Shower Curtain Rod. You were getting mildewy along the bottom where you could never quite stretch out enough to dry out. You are finally cut off to an acceptable height. All while not losing any of your worldliness. BTW - this shower curtain is a fun Geography lesson every bath or shower - both for the kids and me! I have it facing the inside of the shower, with my decorative curtain on the outside.

Colton's Dresser - 1
Me - 2

Dresser drawer, you have been mocking me with your broken bottom for months. Clothes piling atop the dresser to make up for your slacking on your duties. Mock no more. I gave you one point for the Gorilla Glue stains on my fingers this morning, but I still won! You will be clothing-ready by this evening. And, Colton will be busy organizing you once again.

Pond - 1
Me - 1

Rematch - tonight.

You think one measly algae treatment was all I had to give? Oh, think again, dear pond, think again. I'm comin' back at ya tonight with another. And some fake water lilies to boot. You WILL be looking presentable for the BBQ, I guarantee it!

Screen Door - 1
Me (and my peeps) - 2 (ish)

Okay, you're not perfect. You are probably not as pretty, nor as straight as Jane's. But, you are purchased, you are hung, and (with help) you even close. Once I stick a spring on you tonight, you are whipped for sure. Cool summer nights, I am ready for you anytime.


Tonight's Scheduled match-ups are as follows:

Me vs. the Pond (re-match)
Me vs. the freezer and a forgotten Diet Coke, and
Me vs. my newest Beverly Lewis novel
What battles are you tackling today? Are you winning?


Anonymous said...

Heat 1 - Me 0
Plants 0 - me a whole bunch!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Now THIS is a clever post, Heather! I think your projects should just give in now . . . you will win, you will clobber them, you will triumph, they might as well call uncle now.

Cali said...


I'm rooting for you. I'm even clapping those annoying plastic inflatable sticks. I'm EVEN ringing a COW BELL!


tina said...

Love this! What a fun way to look at tasks to be accomplished! Great job! Go Heather! Makes me want to cheer the Be Agressive! cheer. :)