Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Entrepreneur of the Year

If there really was a Business of Busyness, I'm sure I would win some sort of award. Just not sure if it would be Entrepreneur of the Year or Most Activities While Somehow Avoiding the Psyche Ward. Honestly, it's probably closest to the second one.

My daily life seems personified in this Mary Engelbreit drawing.

Glorious Action and Noble Risks.

That's us. We just missed the whole "One Hour" part, and went for infinity instead.

I survived a month full of note-taking and picture taking for my Day In The Life scrapbook, and frankly, it scared me. What I put myself (and my family) through in a month will be my ticket to an Oprah or Dr. Phil show for sure.

We have survived (I think?) all of the following:

  • 2 Season finale baseball games

  • 1 loooong day trip to Virginia Mason hospital for a friend's surgery

  • A week with Grandma and Papa for the boys

  • 1 Art show in Everett

  • 4 Dentist appointments - FOUR! - yes, we have added the daily fluoride rinse to our kids' brushing routine

  • A weekend with Grandmother and Dennis for the boys

  • Another Art show in Edmonds

  • A week of Basketball camp for Chance

  • A miraculous occurrence in which the only basketball shoes in the house actually fit Chance's feet when tried on 1 hour before camp was to start

  • A week of Vacation Bible School for Colton

  • Father's Day (somewhere amidst the Edmonds Art Show)

  • Swim Lessons - 2 boys x 2 weeks

  • 4th of July Camp out hosted at our house

  • A library visit in which we met an angel disguised as a librarian

  • Summer reading program

  • Chance reading 2 hours in the first day

  • 1 school board meeting

  • Countless shopping trips

  • 2 Costco trips

  • Endless laundry - sometimes folded the day it was washed - sometimes piled in the corner until the next marathon folding session

  • And dishwasher loads - lots of dishwasher loads

  • Oh yeah, and both adults trying to hold down a 40-hour per week job (no comment, Darla!)

Each bullet point should be a post. But, most of them won't be. If I'm truthful, none of them will be. Because I am both tired and lazy. And, I'm going on vacation soon, so I'll just be even further behind, so why try to catch up now? So this is all you get. I hope my detractors are happy. For those of you who waited patiently, I really do hope you're happy.

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