Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback, or Flashdance, whichever is more applicable

Okay, my 80's friends. Prepare for nostalgia!

Check all that trigger your memory!

You might be feeling nostalgic for the 80's too if. . . know the profound meaning of "Wax on,Wax off"... know that another name for a keyboard is a "Synthesizer"... can sing the McDonald's Big Mack Filet-o-fish, quarter pounder, french fry song while jump roping... ever ended your sentence with "psych"... remember when Madonna was just hitting the scene... remember when "The Reflex" was a cool song... could breakdance, or wish you could... ever watched Fraggle Rock.....
X...BEFORE the invention of the mini-van, you rode in the back of the station wagon and you faced the cars behind you in the tail-gunner position...(does a van count?) sat with your friends on a Friday night and dialed 867-5309 to see if Jenny would answer... (thought about it, anyway)
X..."All skate, change directions" means something to you...
X...partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away... got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school... wore one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a knot on the side... remember rotary dial telephones and there was a point in your life you had no idea what a cell phone was... remember the original version of Windows: Macintosh... actually know who Rick Springfield is... wanted to be on Star Search... wanted to be a Goonie... ever wore fluorescent, neon if you will, clothing... jammed to the Miami Vice theme song ... wanted to move to Hawaii because that's where Magnum lived...
... "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang was one of the hot new songs in your lifetime... knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout"... occasionally still get the urge to use "NOT" at the end of every statement you make...
X...Hypercolor, Crimping Irons, LA Gear High Tops, Members Only, Friendship Pins, Banana clips and Jellies actually mean something to you. . . remember Punky Brewster... remember when Jordache jeans were cool...
X...after you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you couldn't stop saying "I know you are but what am I?"... ever got seriously injured on a slip and slide...
X...your hair, at some point in time in the 80's, became something which can only be described by the phrase "I was experimenting"... were ever being gagged with a spoon... were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon...'ve ever wanted to go to Degrassi High...'re still bitter that Wham! broke up...
...the only video games you played were Frogger and Pac Man... know it's not "comma, comma, comma" it's karma... have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf... wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish... had a Swatch Watch with the Swatch Guard...(multiple!) remember dancing along with the Bangles in "Walk Like An Egyptian"... watched the California Raisins in claymation ... wore multiple pairs of socks over tights with high-top Reeboks... liked Tom Hanks better when he played a cross dresser... know which Hollywood Square Jm J Bullock was in... practiced getting in and out of your car through the windows... have the tendency to turn up the collar of your polo shirts... know who shot J.R.... had Wonder Woman or Superman underoos... know what a "Push Up" ice cream is... wore like 8 pairs of socks at once, scrunched down... remember wanting boom boxes before CD players & IPods...and you carried the boom box on your shoulder remember watching both "Gremlins" movies...
X...Your bangs were once teased perfectly to 7 inches above the rest of your hair.
X...You can feel St. Elmo's fire burnin' in you.
X...A night on the town used to include frosted blue eye shadow and feathered bangs - it still may. . .
...Everything in your wardrobe was either pastel or fluorescent
...A piece of folded paper and two hands could tell your fortune.
X...You thought a Commodore 64 was the highest technology available (it was, right dad?)
...Every now and then, you blurt out: "Ooh noo, Mr. Bill!!!"

X...You remember David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider
X...You know all the words to "I'm just a bill, sitting up on Capitol Hill" and "School House Rock."
X...The phrase "Where's the beef?" still makes you laugh...
...You ever wanted to learn to play "Stairway to Heaven" on the guitar
...You still have a couple of those barrettes made of woven ribbons.
X...You want to be "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"
...If you had a scratch-n-sniff sticker collection
X...If you ever used Lee Press-On Nails
X...If you remember when you heard that drinking soda and eating Pop Rocks would make your
stomach explode
...You still argue over who was better: Tiffany or Debbie Gibson
X...Every time you hear the "OH YEAH..." song you think of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
...You didn’t accessorize - you “excessorized” and LOVED it.
X...Schoolhouse Rock played a HUGE part in how you learned the English language... can remember singing along with Kim "We're the Kids in America" Wilde and not feeling age conscious...

OK, how many did you check? Which resonated the most?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Blurb

A couple weeks ago, my mom asked me if I'd been printing and/or archiving my blog in some way. She had read a blog in which the author had just had her blog published as a book, and it made her think of mine - of the time, effort, and memories encapsulated here.

I did a little research on it. Okay, really, I Googled it, then clicked on 3 of the links. But, I found Blurb. You download their program to your computer, then work on your "book". When it's done to your satisfaction, you upload the info back to their site, and they publish it for you.

I ended up doing a year per book. For my blog (about 175 posts/year), each book was about $65. They have a base rate, which includes 40 pages, then you add on per page from there.

It includes the text and pictures from each post, and has a variety of templates to use for each page. Very user friendly. All-to-easy to spend seventy bucks.

But so, so worth it. And, they turned out beautifully. No more worrying where my memories will be if Blogger decides to crash tomorrow.

Thanks for the idea, mom! Check it out - BLURB.
PS - Blogger's being stupid, and keeps turning my pictures, and I don't have the patience to fight, so just tilt your head, K?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Scoreboard

There's been a bit of competition around our house the last couple days.

I am winning.

And I am determined to keep winning - even if it means calling in reinforcements.

Shower Curtain - 0
Me - 1

You have been on the back burner all too long, Mr. Too Long For My Too Short Shower Curtain Rod. You were getting mildewy along the bottom where you could never quite stretch out enough to dry out. You are finally cut off to an acceptable height. All while not losing any of your worldliness. BTW - this shower curtain is a fun Geography lesson every bath or shower - both for the kids and me! I have it facing the inside of the shower, with my decorative curtain on the outside.

Colton's Dresser - 1
Me - 2

Dresser drawer, you have been mocking me with your broken bottom for months. Clothes piling atop the dresser to make up for your slacking on your duties. Mock no more. I gave you one point for the Gorilla Glue stains on my fingers this morning, but I still won! You will be clothing-ready by this evening. And, Colton will be busy organizing you once again.

Pond - 1
Me - 1

Rematch - tonight.

You think one measly algae treatment was all I had to give? Oh, think again, dear pond, think again. I'm comin' back at ya tonight with another. And some fake water lilies to boot. You WILL be looking presentable for the BBQ, I guarantee it!

Screen Door - 1
Me (and my peeps) - 2 (ish)

Okay, you're not perfect. You are probably not as pretty, nor as straight as Jane's. But, you are purchased, you are hung, and (with help) you even close. Once I stick a spring on you tonight, you are whipped for sure. Cool summer nights, I am ready for you anytime.


Tonight's Scheduled match-ups are as follows:

Me vs. the Pond (re-match)
Me vs. the freezer and a forgotten Diet Coke, and
Me vs. my newest Beverly Lewis novel
What battles are you tackling today? Are you winning?

Monday, July 27, 2009

We are all traininers . . . . .albeit, in training.

This is by far my most favorite thing I've read in the wide, wide world of blogging in a long time.

Mostly, because of this quote:

But, oh, dear Jesus, do my actions sometimes cause the Holy Spirit to have
to work harder? Are there days when the Lord must work around me, instead of
with me??

I am the best bible study my children get, 9 times out of 10. Lord, please forgive the times (the many, many times) I made you work extra-hard.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Turns out, the Call of the Wild is . . . . .Pringles

What a fantastic week we had. A relaxing time, beautiful scenery, good friends, lots of food, and just plain good times.

Then, there was the wildlife. Deer lounging in your campsite, people's yards, and the state park. Squirrels and chipmunks begging for a treat. Bald eagles fishing in the lake where the kids were playing. It all added up to a week full of fun.

Of course, there was the pre-requisite first night in the Wal-Mart parking lot. That's how our kids knew we were on vacation. It's a great way to break up a long drive, yet still save your vacation $$. But, who am I kidding, by the time we left that store the next morning, there was a LARGE dent in our vacation $$! Colton cried on the way home, because we just drove all the way through. "Why can't we break up the drive and stay at a Wal-Mart?!!?" Oh, the good times.

Here are the highlights of the week:

We hiked.

We shopped.

We raced.

We rode.

We swam.

We relaxed.

We fed.

And fed.

And fed.

And fed some more.

We observed.

We posed.

And posed.

And posed some more.

We were friends.

And helpers.

And mama's boys.

But mostly, we unplugged. And enjoyed God's majesty. There was a lot of that around this little mountain lake. A really lot.

PS - if you ever get the chance to visit the beautiful, majestic Wallowa Lake, take some Sour Cream & Onion Pringles - it's your best bet for success when you're ignoring the "Do Not Feed The Deer" signs ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Still Breathing

In June, I posted this ad from a magazine. Apparently, it's to be a series. I love the second one, too. And just as apparent, the ad is doing its job, because my two biggest reactions to this ad are:

  1. I need to drink more wine.
  2. I need to breathe.

Do these automatically go hand in hand? I'm betting they are at least kissing cousins many times :)

So, here's my version:

I am not the sum of my responsibilities. I am both so much more and so much less.

I am a baseball mom, but not just a baseball mom. And I'm certainly not THAT baseball mom.

I am so stereotypical in so many ways, and at the same time, I am the exception.

I am real. I am true to myself and my Creator. I am ALIVE - because He has made me alive.

I am BUSY. Busier than I want.

So, for the next week, I'll be on vacation - taking a minute (or a week) to remember to BREATHE.

And possibly, there will be wine involved. See ya next week, y'all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Entrepreneur of the Year

If there really was a Business of Busyness, I'm sure I would win some sort of award. Just not sure if it would be Entrepreneur of the Year or Most Activities While Somehow Avoiding the Psyche Ward. Honestly, it's probably closest to the second one.

My daily life seems personified in this Mary Engelbreit drawing.

Glorious Action and Noble Risks.

That's us. We just missed the whole "One Hour" part, and went for infinity instead.

I survived a month full of note-taking and picture taking for my Day In The Life scrapbook, and frankly, it scared me. What I put myself (and my family) through in a month will be my ticket to an Oprah or Dr. Phil show for sure.

We have survived (I think?) all of the following:

  • 2 Season finale baseball games

  • 1 loooong day trip to Virginia Mason hospital for a friend's surgery

  • A week with Grandma and Papa for the boys

  • 1 Art show in Everett

  • 4 Dentist appointments - FOUR! - yes, we have added the daily fluoride rinse to our kids' brushing routine

  • A weekend with Grandmother and Dennis for the boys

  • Another Art show in Edmonds

  • A week of Basketball camp for Chance

  • A miraculous occurrence in which the only basketball shoes in the house actually fit Chance's feet when tried on 1 hour before camp was to start

  • A week of Vacation Bible School for Colton

  • Father's Day (somewhere amidst the Edmonds Art Show)

  • Swim Lessons - 2 boys x 2 weeks

  • 4th of July Camp out hosted at our house

  • A library visit in which we met an angel disguised as a librarian

  • Summer reading program

  • Chance reading 2 hours in the first day

  • 1 school board meeting

  • Countless shopping trips

  • 2 Costco trips

  • Endless laundry - sometimes folded the day it was washed - sometimes piled in the corner until the next marathon folding session

  • And dishwasher loads - lots of dishwasher loads

  • Oh yeah, and both adults trying to hold down a 40-hour per week job (no comment, Darla!)

Each bullet point should be a post. But, most of them won't be. If I'm truthful, none of them will be. Because I am both tired and lazy. And, I'm going on vacation soon, so I'll just be even further behind, so why try to catch up now? So this is all you get. I hope my detractors are happy. For those of you who waited patiently, I really do hope you're happy.