Friday, June 5, 2009

Life is just so daily! (Thanks ME)

So, I'm totally copying my fun friend Sandy, and making a daily journal/scrapbook for the month of June. I want my ancestors to be able to look back and see what a normal time period was like for our family.
The scrapbooks hit all the highlights, but so often it is fun to look back and know what people actually DID with their time - and how much a gallon of milk cost - and how often they went out to eat and where.
Because I would love to find something like that about my grandparents, I figure maybe someday a grand kid will find it fun to know about us. I'm taking pictures of everyday stuff, and keeping a short journal of our daily happenings.

Here's where we're at so far:

  • Chance dentist - 1 filling.
Milkshake after dentist

  • 1st day of Summer vacation for the boys.
  • Matt is off to training for the week at Fort Lewis.
  • Lunch at Southpaws with Matt and Darla
  • To the bank to cash a couple checks for my Father's Day stash
  • Wal-Mart shopping trip

  • Meeting at Basin West branch first thing in the morning
  • Garden tour and lunch for the office gals with Mr. Jensen

  • Chance's last baseball game - he was chosen by the opposing coaches for the MVP ball.
  • Dinner with mom & dad at China Buffet - less than impressive (the buffet, not the company)
  • Sent Matt a Fed Ex package with his Cabela's gift card so he could shop at the BIG Cabela's near Fort Lewis.


  • Took boys to Tina's (should have this on every day)
  • Off to work
  • Chance to dentist - 2nd cavity filled
  • Colton's last baseball game
  • Dinner with mom & dad at Chico's - MUCH better! (Thanks for making it to both last games, you equal opportunity grandparents, you! Love you!)
  • Boys to Tina
  • Regular workday - 10 AM Web training for new A/P system
  • Lunch with Darla and Lola at one of our favorites - Michael's

  • Power outage at work - got to leave 1/2 hour early
  • Pick boys up for a rare evening at home
  • Matt is home!!
  • Boys have a stay-at-home day, since Matt is off
  • Leave a couple chores and head to work
  • Try to get some billing caught up
  • This is what my desk usually looks like

  • Bethel Church brings lunch - fundraiser for youth group - yummy enchiladas
  • Talk to Krista regarding sign we are building

That's it! So far, anyway. A week in the life. Soon to be a month in the life. We'll see how it goes. . .

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm going to LOVE reading this, Heather. I'm so glad you posted your desk. I've always tried to envision your set-up . . . to no avail.

We had the milkshake/cavity thing, too!